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London Pub Food

The first time I visited London was in high school, and I didn’t really experience the local foods (though I do remember having a killer shepherds pie). As you can imagine, I’ve had quite a bit of British and European food since I’ve been here in London studying and interning abroad. I have had some of the most amazing and delicious meals here. Not to mention discovering Walkers chips (whoops, crisps!) and Galaxy chocolate. I’ve had many meals from local pubs, and I’ve licked the plate clean every time. Here are some of my fav meals!


Fish and chips, a true British staple, which we ate in Brighton.


Chicken sandwich and chips from the Lexington.




Shepherds pie from the Blacksmith and Toffeemaker, insanely delicious

So next time you’re in London, check out the local pubs. The pubs have got what you want!

Also, they sell Penn State pretzels here, who knew?


Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 4.23.14 PM

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