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The Rules of Social Media – Infographic

One of my amazing public relations professors often emails our class about important and interesting things going on in the public relations industry. This morning, our professor sent us an awesome infographic titled The #36 Rules of Social Media. Check out it out:


Some rules that stuck out to me:

  •  If all you do is respond to complaints, that’s all people will send you
  • Desktop is the conquered territory. Mobile is the battlefield 
  • Everyone’s an influencer 
  • And my favorite: People care what you had for breakfast – if you’re a food brand

While many of these rules pertain to the social media plans of companies, some could also be applied to personal social media accounts as well (always write back). Social media marketing is a constantly changing playing field, and it’s definitely an area where we need to be prepared for anything.

Do you have any additional social media rules? Leave a comment!


Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 4.23.14 PM

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