Blogging for Business: My Abroad Experience

In my experience in public relations, I’ve often had to write blog posts or content pieces for company websites. While living and studying in London, I had the chance to write for the website of the student housing facility where I lived, Nido King’s Cross. Below is my blog post that was featured on the website. Here’s the link to another blog of mine for their website!

Neato, Nido!

Naturally, I was a bit nervous when I was heading out to London for the summer; the excitement of a new city certainly overcame that fear, though. One of the things I was anxious about was where I was going to be living for the next 2 months. I had heard other people’s versions of where the best and worst places to live were, and obviously I was hoping for one of the “best” places. When I was assigned to live in Nido in King’s Cross, I truly didn’t know what to expect, until I visited their website. I have to say, I was pretty blown away, and I was even more amazed when I saw it in person for myself.

The huge skyscraper that is Nido was a welcomed sight when I first arrived, and I immediately felt at home. Not only is there a cafe on two floors, but there is also a massive game room with pool and foosball tables. My roommate and I had packed an obscene amount of clothes, but to our surprise we fit everything into our room. Perhaps the best feature about Nido is how close it is to King’s Cross Station, which makes traveling extremely easy (and is a dream for any Harry Potter fan). There are a ton of pubs and restaurants around Nido, so when you want to stay local for the night, you’re in luck (especially when you may need to crawl home after a night of partying). It really feels more like an apartment than a dorm, which I know I enjoy.


(Our room, showing our school spirit in London)

No matter where you’re staying in London, you’re going to have an amazing time. I know my London experience  would certainly not have been the same if I wasn’t in Nido. So many of my neighbors at Nido are now my friends for life, and I’ve made amazing memories with them. I remember the first night I was at Nido, my neighbor and I watched the fireworks from the Queen’s Jubilee celebration from our room, and that is something I will never forget. So check it out, you may be surprised about how awesome student living can be in a foreign country.

(Watching the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee fireworks from our room)

 Whether you’re studying abroad or writing content for a company, blogging is always an excellent outlet to have your voice and experiences seen by many people. I love blogging, and when I’m able to share my thoughts on many different platforms, it truly is exciting.

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