Person of Interest: Ellie Goulding

Prefacing this post by saying it wouldn’t be happening without my best friend Katie – Ellie Goulding for Katie is what Lady Gaga is for me. I’ve always liked Ellie but Katie took her to a new level for me. In her words, “She just seems so down to earth and so passionate about her music.” I usually listen to Anything Could Happen to get myself pumped up, and I like to pretend I can hit the high notes. But thanks to Katie, I’m in full-on Ellie appreciation mode.

She’s so cool. She’s just so cool. I truly believe that this is Ellie’s moment right now; in music, fashion, business, just life in general. Because girlfriend is killing it. Here’s what I love about Ellie: she is an artist in every sense of the word. She writes her own music, she plays guitar, and she can span across different genres of music (techno, acoustic, pop). From a vocal standpoint, her voice is so ethereal she has some serious riffing skills. She currently has the whole world singing along to her hit “Love Me Like You Do,” and now with her new single “On My Mind.”

Her other pop hits – Lights, Beating Heart, Burn (to name a few )- made us fall in love with her. But something magical happens when Ellie slows it down with an acoustic set, like her cover of Kodaline’s “All I Want.”

Being the workout queen she is, Ellie currently has a deal with Nike Women; check out her Melody of Movement video below. She takes serious care of her body, something all performers should do (singing requires some serious stamina!).

She’s also having a major fashion movement right now (see her Alberta Ferretti look below from the BRIT Awards).


And this VMAs look was everything…


Aside from the glitz and glam and the awesome business deals, Ellie genuinely seems like a fantastic person who I think the world wants to get to know a bit better. I think this is only the beginning of what we’re seeing what this girl is capable of doing. Ellie, keep doing you, cuz we’re loving it all.


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