Dramatic: One Direction Edition

My day started much like any other day; I woke up hopeful that today would be the day Zayn returned to the On The Road Again tour. Little did I know what was about to happen in just a few short hours would change my world FOURever. I returned from a meeting to the following on my phone: textImmediately, a giant pit formed in my stomach and I knew the inevitable happened: Zayn left One Direction. It still pains me to type or hear those words. *I’m not listening* giphy After taking a deep breath, I proceeded to open the texts. I then took to Twitter to, what else, pour my emotions out. Social media was filled with tears, sentences in ALL CAPS, exclamation points and general confusion and sadness. It appeared a few of my friends also began sharing their sorrow on social media, see said reactions below. Capture Capture2 I don’t know, I just don’t know. Dramatic? Maybe just a bit. But if you’re a Directioner, you’ll understand. We keep hearing about teens reeling in agony from this painful separation, but let’s not forget about the proud 20-somethings demographic. But I digress… This tweet below really hit hard. CaptureThey say there are 5 Stages of Grief. It appears here that my dear friend here is experiencing Stage 1: Denial. FullSizeRenderBut alas, it is real. While we may wallow in misery for an unknown period of time, we wish Zayn the very best and will miss his presence in 1D dearly. I leave you with this. xx

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