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What’s On Philadelphia: Spruce Street Harbor Park

Imagine relaxing on a hammock, ice cream cone in hand with multi-colored lights surrounding you, all while you enjoy the view of ships docking in a harbor. Welcome to Spruce Street Harbor Park, the latest (and free) summer attraction in Philadelphia. Practically every Philadelphian and Philly-suburbian knows about Spruce Street Harbor since it opened last year,…… Continue reading What’s On Philadelphia: Spruce Street Harbor Park

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Person of Interest: Betty Who

Meet Betty Who, your new favorite pop queen. Her music has the ability to make you feel like you’ve gone back in time to an 80s dance party, while simultaneously will tugging at your heartstrings. This classically trained cellist from Australia is the next big thing in music, and I can’t get enough of her songs. I’m such a fan, that my photo…… Continue reading Person of Interest: Betty Who


It’s Monday, Dream Big & Find Your Inspiration

“Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy” As we prepare for a new week of work, school, practice or whatever else you may be engaged with this week (and probably dreading), I wanted to offer some motivation from this scene from Scrubs. Whatever you’re going through or working hard at, I hope this…… Continue reading It’s Monday, Dream Big & Find Your Inspiration

Person of Interest & FemFocused Interviews

Person of Interest: Marissa Hermer

Marissa Hermer is living the American dream in London. Sophisticated and stylish, Marissa was a standout cast member of Bravo’s hit show Ladies of London (and rumor has it we’ve gotten a season 2). If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you’ll know that Bravo and London are two themes often seen here on Positive…… Continue reading Person of Interest: Marissa Hermer

What's on Philadelphia

Saint-Gobain 350 – Philadelphia

The Huffington Post recently declared Philadelphia as the “Coolest City in America” (it’s about time!). It’s amazing how underrated Philly is, especially when sports, history and culture dominates the city. It’s a metropolis that contains some of the most influential and important works of art in the world. I recently checked out Future Sensations, a traveling…… Continue reading Saint-Gobain 350 – Philadelphia

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Blogging Anniversary

When I logged into Positive Publicity this morning, I received a notification informing me that it was my three year anniversary blogging. Three years already??? Then Facebook also reminded me that three years ago today, I left to study abroad in London. These notifications immediately took me back to setting up my first blog as I…… Continue reading Blogging Anniversary

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What’s Up With The 1975?

If I could, I would link The 1975’s website and social media accounts to this post in case you weren’t familiar with them, but unfortunately I can’t. Because they’ve all been deactivated. Twitter was in a frenzy yesterday when the British rockers posted a cryptic comic strip, insinuating that The 1975 is “gone.” Shortly after, all…… Continue reading What’s Up With The 1975?