Travel By Yourself – Experience a Solo Vacation

One thing I’ve always wanted to do in life is to take a trip by myself. As in a new city, foreign country, doing it on my own kind of trip. It’s an idea that’s so terrifying yet so exciting at the same time.

I’ll be getting a partial taste of such a trip this summer when I visit London. I’ll be visiting friends and spending time with them, but I’ll be traveling by myself and will probably visit a few places alone. I certainly welcome the company of others – I love being around people. But I also welcome the solitude and the challenge of navigating through a place I don’t know well. I welcome the idea of strangers who will one day become friends, as it’s happened before through travels and is one of the coolest things to experience.

I’ve read a few posts from bloggers who have traveled solo, like this post on College Prep & this article I found to be extremely helpful. It seems like the biggest takeaway of traveling solo is that it makes you feel alive. Not only are you completely immersing yourself in a new country and a new culture, but you’re relying on yourself to capture and remember every moment. One of the best and greatest things about life is our ability to face our fears, go out on a limb, and do things on our own. It’s inside all of us to want to try new things, to explore the unknown and to be able to say that we accomplished something amazing.

As I look forward to this semi-solo trip this summer, I’ll keep dreaming of that daring adventure that one day I’ll embark upon. I love the idea of being able to chose where and what I want to visit. Perhaps it is a selfish type of travel, but I can image that it’s also one of the most rewarding. If anyone reading this has traveled solo and has any advice, I would love to hear from you!

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3 responses to “Travel By Yourself – Experience a Solo Vacation”

  1. Carina Avatar

    Hey! What an exciting time for you! All the best for your solo-travel! 🙂
    London is a wonderful place, and super easy to get around. Im sure you’ll have a ton of fun.
    I was worried when i travelled alone for the first time, but it was one of my best experiences ever. I loved every solo trip i’ve been on!

    x Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

    1. Camille Mola Avatar

      Hi Carina, thank you for such a lovely comment! It’s so great to hear from someone who has traveled solo & has loved it.

      Best wishes,
      Camille xx

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