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Links I’m Loving: Fashion, Food & Favorite Instas

Here at Positive Publicity, there are many things we love. And there are three things that we really love: food, travel and fashion. Today we’re taking a look at our favorite Instagram accounts that posts about those three things. We suggest you follow them too; they’ll definitely brighten up your Insta-feed from multitude of #tbts and pic-stitches.


  • @PhiladelphiaFoodie – Philadelphia Foodie is my go-to food Instagram account, and even if you’re not from Philly, you’re going to want to follow. Many a time, I’ve tried a new restaurant because of a picture I saw on Philadelphia Foodie. Each picture will make you want to tag your friend and comment “OMG I need this NOWWW.”

apple pie french toast 😍 // credit: @jpepstein #philadelphiafoodie

A post shared by Philadelphia Foodie (@philadelphiafoodie) on

  • @Infatuation – If you’re not already following Infatuation on Instagram, then you’re feed is missing out on some of the most mouth-watering and delicious food on the Internet. They also post weekly restaurant reviews from places across the US. You’ll be in foodie heaven following this account.


  • @ParisinFourMonths – This account is stunning. Carin Olsson, the girl behind ParisinFourMonths, moved to Paris to follow her dreams, and we’re glad she brought us along for her journey.

  • @Jeera – As someone who misses London everyday from her study abroad days, Jeera’s account provides me with my daily dose of British beauty, from London and beyond. Can I go back now?

  • @GreaseandGlamour – Jinna Yang’s account GreaseandGlamour will give you  an incredible sense of wanderlust. She’s not only a world traveler, but also a fashionista and a huge inspiration. The reason behind her starting her blog and her travels is beautiful.


  • @TuulaVintage – Jessica Stein lives a pretty amazing life, and I’m glad she brought us along for the ride. It was hard to decide to put her account into the fashion or travel category, because this girl looks fabulous all across the globe.

First light over Lagos 💛

A post shared by Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage) on

  • @TheCoveteur – The Coveteur  gives us a behind-the-scene look into some of the most fashionable people in the world. You get an inside look into some of the most fabulous closets from the fashion world and beyond. A must follow account for any fashionista.

  • @NYC_Blonde – NYC_Blonde’s Instagram falls into all three categories: she loves a good a pizza, she has excellent taste in footwear, and can be seen traveling to places like China and Seattle. Her sarcasm, style, and love of ‘za makes her one of my favorite Instagram accounts (and Twitter accounts) to follow.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? Let me know so I can follow!

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 4.23.14 PM


*Images are the property of the Instagram accounts featured in this post*

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