Why Are We Afraid of Doing Things Alone?

Thank you Mimi Bouchard for featuring excerpts from this post on your online magazine ❤  Why does doing something alone seem like such a daunting, scary task? For one thing, when we hear the word “alone,” words like “solitude” and “loneliness” come to mind. Could it be we’re afraid of our own company? Or are we…… Continue reading Why Are We Afraid of Doing Things Alone?

What's on Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Philadelphia is a city filled to the brim with art. It’s home to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, with the famous Rocky steps, along with the Barnes Foundation, Rodin Museum, and many others. Philly is also the mural capital of America, where you can find huge, stunning murals on seemingly every street. One of my favorite pieces…… Continue reading Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens