Person of Interest: Sola of Let’s Get Going

Look no further than to Sola Onitiri for all things fashion and street style in Philadelphia. She’s recently returned from covering another NYFW, and you need to check out her recap. You’ve seen her work here on Positive Publicity before when we did a shoot for her blog, and I’m so happy that she is the latest awesome person to be featured in my Person of Interest Series. Please re-introduce yourself to Sola, creator and founder of Let’s Get Going (formerly Lifestoned Adventures).


Tell us a little bit about yourself Sola!

Hi everyone! My name is Sola Onitiri, I’m the (scattered) brains and camera behind Lifestoned Adventures a fashion, lifestyle, and culture blog based in Philadelphia. I like long walks to my favorite restaurants and the city of Philadelphia. I talk to strangers for a living and then take their pictures. Above all, I believe in the power of make overs and movie make over montages.

Describe your style in three words.

This one is tough! I change it so much so it’s hard to pin it down. But right now I’m rocking a lot of loud colors and DIY jewelry, so I’m going to say that my style is Urban Art Teacher.

What inspired you to begin your blog Lifestoned Adventures? What advice do you have for someone who wants to begin a fashion blog?

I used to make my mom buy me issues on issues of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, so I was always super into fashion and understanding how to craft a dynamic outfit. In fact, when I was younger I would have this fantasy about André Leon Talley whisking me away to New York to work/be best friends with him at Vogue. So flash forward like a decade and I’m working my first fashion job in New York City (sans Andre unfortunately) and I love my job, but I realize that I do not love everything about the fashion industry, so I decide to take a break from it for a little while. A few years after that I had the opportunity to backpack around Europe and the need to write about it and of course photograph it was overwhelming. However, I noticed that everything I wanted to write about had to do with fashion. I wanted to write pieces about what clothes to pack and what cities had the best style. Basically, fashion was on the brain and calling my name. So I answered! I kept writing and kept taking pictures and I promised myself that my blog was going to be all the parts of the industry that I love – the part that cares about creativity and representation. So If you’re trying to start a fashion blog here’s my advice for you. Write about what you love! Don’t feel that you have to slide into an industry standard. If you do it on your own terms and it comes from a good place, you’re going to create content that you’ll love and that’s what’s important.


Street style is a huge part of your blog. What do you look for in a “street style” outfit that makes you want to stop and photograph a person?

Great question! When I’m out on the streets of Philadelphia or New York I’m looking for people, not outfits. I’m looking for the people who seem confident enough to take well-styled fashion risks. I’m also looking for diversity. I will never take three pictures of an off duty model in a black shirt and jeans – she may look great but that’s boring. I want my readers to see well-styled yet approachable outfits on a variety of different people with a variety of different life experiences.  Ugh, I love getting this question because street style is such a widely consumed medium but no one really gets how it comes together.

Photo by Sola
Photo by Sola

What clothing staple can you not live without?

Without a doubt my denim jacket. Top denim is life and I won’t part with it even in death.

Who are your fashion icons?

On my blog I’m always saying that we should be our own fashion icons so the first person I’m going to mention is myself. But beyond my denim clad, art school teacher looking self, My hands down all time favorite fashion icons that I draw fashion strength from everyday are Fran Fine from The Nanny, Solange Knowles, and Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller

Anything else we should know?

Fashion should be fun, dressing up should never be stressful, spring for the good stuff, and always do you.

Thanks Sola! And I couldn’t agree more – Fran Fine is an ultimate fashion icon. Don’t forget to check Sola out on Insta and Facebook. <3

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  1. alishataneja Avatar

    Howe awesome! Loved reading about your style and NYFW:)


    1. Camille Avatar

      She has the best style!

    1. Camille Avatar

      Right?? The coolest style.

  2. Heather Avatar

    How awesome is she! Great interview!

    1. Camille Avatar

      Thanks Heather! <3 Sola is the best 🙂

  3. Monika Avatar

    I actually met Sola during this past fashion week! She’s such a wonderful person and I can totally see the Urban Art Teacher vibe she mentioned here. I also like that she said we should be our own style icons. It’s great to get ideas from others but ultimately we have to trust what works for us first.


    Violet Roots || Instagram

    1. Camille Avatar

      Wait that’s so awesome! I love how the blogging world works and meeting people “off-line.” I agree, her saying we should be out own style icons is my favorite line from her interview. <3

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