Links I’m Loving: Autumn Edition

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Some has time has past between my last blog post and this one, but that’s only because I’ve been busy gathering only the best in online entertainment for you guys to check out ;). This edition of Links I’m Loving is very viewer-friendly, so grab yourself a drink, get sat down and enjoy.

T. Kyle’s YouTube Channel – In favorite online personalities news, please meet T. Kyle. I cannot – let me say it again, cannot – get enough of T. Kyle’s YouTube channel. I first started following him on Twitter and Vine. He is also the creator of RealityTVGifs (which is BACK in action) which I am an avid fan of.  I relate to him on many levels, especially when it come to motivation, personal growth, creativity, and that season 2 of Real Housewives of Dallas is excellent television. If you love all things pop culture, please give him a watch, you won’t be disappointed.

What I’m Wearing: Collegiate Standard Jewelry – A few months ago, Collegiate Standard sent over some of their beautiful Delta Gamma pieces, which I’m in love with and am still wearing. It’s the perfect jewelry to get for your new little, or if you just want a little present for yourself.


Five Foot Two, the Lady Gaga Documentary – This Lady Gaga documentary is simply a must watch. As it’s pretty obvious how much I love Gaga, I was beyond excited to watch this documentary. And even though I’d like to think I know all there is to know about her, I was so very wrong. This documentary opened us up to her struggles with her chronic illness, fame, break-ups and musical triumphs. If you’ve watched it, let me know what you think!

MIMIBEE Online Magazine – I’m a huge Made in Chelsea fan (think The Hills but in London; I highly recommend it). Mimi Bouchard is a fairly new cast member, and from the first episode I saw her in, I knew I liked her. She recently re-launched her website, which covers health, wellness, personal growth, love and much more. If you’re in need of some serious motivation, check out her video below:

What I’m listening to: Science Book – Philadelphia-based band Science Book is my new listening obsession. If you enjoy electronic pop, rock, Bleachers, or The Cars, you’ll probably enjoy them. Check them out at their next live Philly show! Song to listen to: The Kids Don’t Know

Finally, some goodies from the October Goddess Provisions box, which are all about making sure you have your best sleep ever. Brands included are Zenned Out Jewelry, Little Moon Essentials, Chocolita Chocolate, Soapy Layne, Starseed Supply and Calm A Mama.

If you want even more Links I’m Loving, check them out here.

Love each other, take care of yourself and be well friends <3

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The Collegiate Standard pieces were given in exchange for a post 


10 responses to “Links I’m Loving: Autumn Edition”

  1. Janire Avatar

    I saw the lady gaga documentary and although I found it super interesting I was a little disappointed in some areas. There were a few times where it looked like she was just too out of it if that makes any sense. I did enjoy seeing her make music and how amped up she was about the Super Bowl.

    1. Camille Avatar

      You could definitely sense how much joy making music brings here, those were the best and most inspiring parts to watch <3

  2. A- Avatar

    I haven’t checked the Lady Gaga documentary out yet but I definitely want to! It’s so interesting to see stars open up and see the differences between what you think you know and what’s really going on.


    1. Camille Avatar

      I agree! We never really know what happens off the stage and away from the paparazzi.

  3. Magen Golden Avatar

    I love that necklace. It is so beautiful and I’m a little jealous.

    1. Camille Avatar

      So pretty, right?

  4. Nancy Avatar

    I really need to watch the Lady Gaga documentary. She seems very interesting.

    1. Camille Avatar

      It’s great, let me know if you watch soon!

  5. Erica @ Coming up Roses Avatar

    I’ve heard really great things about the Lady Gaga documentary! I need to check it out.

    1. Camille Avatar

      Definitely! It’s excellent and she’s awesome <3

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