One Stop Invitation Shop: Basic Invite + coupon code!

This post is sponsored by Basic Invite 

Ok, before you say “Halloween JUST ended Camille, holiday posts already?”, hear me out here… it’s truly never too early to get into the holiday spirit. It’s a time of feeling all of the cozy feels, eating, celebrating, and spending time with friends and family. And of course, many parties – some you’ll attend, maybe some you’ll host!

So if you’re looking for inspiration for you holiday party invitationsugly sweater christmas party invitations or Christmas cards, look no further than Basic Invite. It’s so nice to receive a beautifully designed invitation in the mail, and that’s exactly what Basic Invite does. I had an opportunity to design and test out some invitation samples, and it was seriously so easy.




Here’s what makes Basic Invite so unique and why you should check them out:

Basic Invite is one of the very few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. Once you select a design, you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options, so you can make sure the card is exactly how you want it down to the tiniest detail. So for me, I was able to change the colors of the trees, snow, text – EVERYTHING – in the invitation I made. I love working with colors. I love exploring different shades and tones and creating something beautiful from that, so I love that about Basic Invite.

Colors on colors


Foil holiday cards are also available in gold, silver, and rose gold, and you can choose flat or raised foil on all of Basic Invite’s foil designs. I think foil is such a nice touch for an invitation. Check out a foil design below!


Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers the ability to order a printed sample of their actual invitation so they can see exactly how it will print as well as feel the paper quality before they ever have to place their final order.

Also, they offer an address capturing service that allows customers to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request their friends and family’s addresses which will be stored and can then be selected during the design process. Plus, Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all Christmas card orders. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!



Right now Basic Invite is offering 30% off with coupon code: holi30. So cozy up, get inspired and check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for even more inspiration. Happy designing! xo

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