Philly sandwiches that make my heart sing

Somedays here I’ll pour out my emotions and musings. Other days, I’ll devote entire posts into the sandwiches I need in my diet. Balance, baby.

A good sandwich can transform a day. How often have you spent an entire afternoon drooling over the thought of the burger you’ll devour at happy hour? We find comfort in a cheesy, meaty, veggie filled haven smooshed between two slices of bread. An emotional oasis for the worst of days.

Philly is known as the home of the best cheesesteaks – but there is sooo much more than a cheesesteak. Let’s talk about some of them.

*Some sandwiches consumed pre-COVID era*

**Be sure to check each stores website/social media for their ordering methods**

Let’s begin with the most elusive sandwich of them all – the Middle Child Urban Roots BLT. Rarer than a holographic Mewtwo Pokémon, definitely more delicious. Follow them on Instagram for when their next BLT ‘drop’ with be.

Another Middle Child star – the Shopsin club
The vegetarian delight that is the Mushroom po’boy from Jet Wine Bar
K’far‘s Jerusalem bagels… they have left me speechless. Peep their weekly pick-up schedule online and order there
DiBruno’s Pronto chicken sandwich, perfect for a Rittenhouse park hang. Pair with truffle potato chips
A Spread bagel with all of the fixin’s – veggie cream cheese, onion, tomato and cucumber. And an iced coffee, as needed.
Stuffed buns from the Stuff’d Buns food truck
Ok not a small business – DON’T YELL @ ME – but the a Jersey Mike’s Italian Hoagie (Mike’s way) just hits differently. I also really like Jersey Mike’s as a company, as they donate and support many local charities

Enjoy <3

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