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Coffee shops to work outside at in Philly ☕

This post is for when you just need to escape your apartment for a few hours and get some work done outside. These shops are mostly in the Washington Square-ish area of the city, just a head’s up before you dive into the post. Get there early to claim your spot, check the hours before…… Continue reading Coffee shops to work outside at in Philly ☕

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socially-distanced concert experience

I miss live music. We all miss live music. The concert-going experience is sacred, holy, and just really freaking fun. And I miss it. So when it was announced that The Front Bottoms would be performing in the lot of Citizen’s Bank Park, I knew I wanted to go, but I definitely didn’t know what…… Continue reading socially-distanced concert experience


How I got myself out of a funk one night: Philly edition

A wise man once said “Took my life from negative from positive.” That wise man was Pitbull. He also once said, “Now pump-pu-pump p-p-p-pump it up and back it up like a Tonka truck.” This is not let’s-drag-Pitbull post though, we stan Mr. 305 in this house. But I digress. The purpose of this post…… Continue reading How I got myself out of a funk one night: Philly edition

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no one’s queen: KiNG MALA

KiNG MALA is the moniker of El Paso born, LA based alternative soul artist Areli Castro. Touching on themes such as lust, recklessness and badass femininity, KiNG MALA isn’t afraid to spill her guts. Raised in a hispanic home, the artist is passionate about supporting the LGBTQ+, POC and Indigenous communities and being open about…… Continue reading no one’s queen: KiNG MALA

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An interview with Canadian artist Mike Haggith

Welcome to the blog Mike Haggith, an independent alternative/indie solo artist residing in Manitoba, who recently released a new solo record. Mike previously resided in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, where he was the bassist/frontman of a rock trio named The Din. His latest record “If Ever Comes The Day” is his first solo release in…… Continue reading An interview with Canadian artist Mike Haggith


FemFocused: Kayleigh releases new single “I’m A Waste”

What am I so afraid of…. Kayleigh has a number of titles – singer, songwriter and current student at Temple University. She recently is released her fifth single “I’m a Waste”. During the era of pandemic, Kayleigh has taken this time to work on her music and continue to be proactive. “I’m A Waste” features…… Continue reading FemFocused: Kayleigh releases new single “I’m A Waste”

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gouda, a combination of the senses

A combination of the senses Joey Heins is a current Drexel University music industry, and, in his words, more importantly a solo artist under the name ‘gouda’. ‘gouda’ is an identity project, as he also releases recipes and food photography, in addition to music. After releasing three experimental ‘prelude’ tracks, he has recently his debut single named after his…… Continue reading gouda, a combination of the senses

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Philly Finds Vol. 20 🍷

Vingt. Veinte. TWENTY. We have reached 20 volumes of Philly Finds, uncovering the best and brightest Philly has to offer. Thanks for stickin’ around and for sharing your own Philly Finds. In other Positive Publicity news, several interviews will be hitting the blog over the next few weeks. To be quite honest, I feel both…… Continue reading Philly Finds Vol. 20 🍷