Just a list of stuff I’ve bought and liked

Consumerism, baby.

After a stressful week, or month, (or life), I’ve been finding myself turning to the comforts of online shopping even more. So in the spirit of the things I’ve bought and liked Instagram account, here is simply a list of stuff I’ve bought and liked. If you’re a sucker for packaging, then you’re going to enjoy this list. I purchased everything my self and all opinions are my own 😉

Star Face Pimple Patches

Whether it was election stress, my mask, or my hormones raging, the amount of acne popping up around my chin and jawline was astronomical. I’ve used the Hydro-Stars over the past few nights and I must say I’m pretty happy with the results. Bonus is that they support several causes.

Mount Lai Jade Gua Sha

I wrote about Mount Lai on my Patreon, and am also sharing here because the people need to know. For all your lymphatic drainage needs, I personally prefer a gua sha over a jade. roller. I recommend using Mount Gai for their incredible customer service – after my serum-covered fingers dropped and broke the tool, I had signed up for their warranty policy, and within a week-and-a-half I had a new one. 

Lisa Says Gah

Lisa Says Gah is just one of those brands where I want everything they post. I have been eyeing up these cow-print earrings by Chungawawa for some time, and they are just as glorious in person. GREAT NEWS – I just peeped their Insta, and they are having an extra 25% off all markdowns sale until Sunday.

The Scrunchie Club

One of their products is containing my hair as I type out this post. My pal Alyssa started The Scrunchie Club less than a year ago, and she is just absolutely killing it. (we support our friend’s businesses in this house). I truly love the designs and material of her scrunchies. This particular one was designed by artist Maria Filar and benefits One Tail at a Time.

SupKate Shop

You might already follow Kate for all things Philly, but did you know she also has her own clothing brand? I snagged this tie-dye piece from her online shop. She does it all – hats, sweatshirts, sets, shirts and more.

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