Blazer + Biker Shorts 💘

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I’ll occasionally fancy myself a style content creator, although you’ll mostly find food, music and Philadelphia-related things across my platforms. However, I love fashion and bold style choices. Perhaps this is partially why I’m such a huge fan of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga). Today’s post is about my recent style risk.

Style darling Harling Ross wrote for Repeller (the artist formerly known as Man Repeller [RIP]) different ways to style biker shorts, and it reminded me just how much you can do with a pair while still feeling comfortable. And while the biker shorts + oversized blazer might be a 2019 trend – I don’t care.

A collage of my inspo outfits, mostly found on Pinterest

I find this pairing to be effortlessly chic, sexy and cool. Pairing the masculine with feminine. Anything that combines the binary genders and plays with the ideas of what masculine and feminine are is right up my alley. So when a fabulous, pink oversized blazer came into my life, I knew I had to make the most of it.

I went back and forth for about a half hour debating if I was “ready” to wear such a bold look. But after about my twelfth glance in the mirror, I decided I was.

Let’s break down the look:


I purchased the pink blazer from Philly style influencer Lianna Liss‘ recent closet sale. Since the blazer featured a small, green pocket square, I wanted to complement the rest of the look with that color. I just love pink and green together (you Delta Zeta ladies are so lucky).

Other pink blazers:



Worn with a black bralette.


The look was completed with a green bag I’ve had for eight years.


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