An interview with Philly-based author Pamela Aloia

Please welcome to the blog Pamela Aloia, a Philly-based author and energy practitioner. In 2003 she opened Sol Angel, an energy center, where she has been offering insight and instruction for people to enhance life experiences, expand their consciousness, enhance their intuition and increase their energetic awareness.

Pamela joins us today to talk about her new book, titled The Current is Only but a Moment. This book showcases the author’s travels, both near and far, with color photographs and exercises to find and seize the power to obtain inner peace. Achieving balance and understanding the universal pressures, Aloia aims to inspire readers to do the same. Her previous books include The Daily Cloak, 52 Pick Me Up and Nurturing Healthy Change.

You can find more of Pamela on Instagram and Facebook, and keep on reading for our interview below.

Hi Pamela, welcome to Positive Publicity. Thank you so much for speaking with me. To kick things off, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi Camille!  Thank you for taking the time to chat with me.  My name is Pamela Aloia – I’ve been working as an energetic healer, author, and intuitive for the past 20 years. Years ago, I was introduced to Reiki after experiencing physical illnesses that led me down an alternate medicine path. I learned about energy and how it affects us – in good ways and in not so good ways. Through understanding the energy in my life, I was able to rid myself of the ailments I was experiencing and started to share what I’d learned with others.

My passion is to ensure people know they have the answers to all their questions deep within and I enjoy helping folks clear the emotional clouds that may be hiding those answers. I believe we’re all here to support each other and live and grow together, so I make it a point to work with individuals and facilitate regular workshops/experiences so we can connect in safe, heartful, and inspiring ways.  In addition, I have a joy for writing, both creatively and informatively, and have penned a few books on inspiration and self-awareness in the professional and personal arenas.

That’s so awesome Pamela, I definitely vibe with what you said! Let’s talk about your new book, your 4th book at that! Congratulations on The Current Is Only A Moment. Can you tell us what this book is about?

Thank you! For my latest book release, I had not actually intended that a writing work of art would be borne. A few years ago I was looking to increase my self-awareness practice. I’d been meditating and making time for solitude and reflection but I wanted to add something different to my routine. Being that nature has always been a goto place for me to recharge and center, I felt nature would be an appropriate guide and resource for this practice. Therefore, as much as I could, I would go outdoors and find a nature moment that spoke to me. This exercise took some discipline over the course of what would be the pandemic where it wasn’t always easy to get out and about. 

Inevitably, though, I realized that the more I consciously found and acknowledged various natural settings I admired, the more I was able to move from whatever state I was in, toward something more positive. If I were in a somewhat negative or neutral state of being, setting myself up to be mindful in nature wound up taking me to a more positive place. If I were already in a  good place, the experience would bring me to an even better place. Sometimes these moments would shift my mindset for hours; others, just a moment. Regardless, I understood there was something wonderful about this practice I was doing.

Again, while I initially had no intention to share this practice and experiment with others, when I looked at some of the pictures of the places I had found solace, motivation or encouragement in, I felt compelled to write about them, remembering how the moment shifted, or what new feelings a moment brought me too. And in knowing that I take to writing often – whether through journaling, creative writing, poetry, and more it seemed appropriate to put the two together and share it with others. In a nutshell then, The Current is Only but a Moment, shares a visual and written account of being present through nature; and in doing so, creating greater inner awareness within ourselves. The content also reminds us of the importance of regulating, shifting, and aligning our thoughts and actions with that of upward intention, which enable us to recognize and if desired, to seize, the power of the moment.   

What is your writing process like – could you give us a glimpse into your writing process? What inspires your writing?

My writing process varies a bit depending upon the day. As with any creative process there are some days where I have a distinct idea in my heart and when I sit with it, I easily transcribe words as they flow effortlessly from heart to mind to hand to paper/computer. There are other days where I sit for quite a while meditating, finding the space where no mind exists – the Void. Once there, it’s about allowing Spirit to eventually fill the Void with what I need to learn or process, or what needs to be revealed and shared. I experience personal and shareable writing moments and some days, I may not know which one it’s going to be until I start writing.  

With regard to inspiration – I would say the most impactful inspiration of my writing is human nature/interaction and the human quest for peace. We are complex individuals, yet getting to the heart of a matter, or defining steps to create change – especially heartful change – is a definite focus for me. I enjoy sharing the elation, joy, and empowerment that comes from heartful and soulful living. I know it’s not the norm for many of us, where we oscillate in and out of heartfulness, but I believe with a little bit of concentration, attention, and prioritization, we can all create a world that we dream about!

Thank you Pamela!

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