Philly Finds Vol. 35 – sharing new places in the city

I’ll ask the question that’s been on everyone’s mind… HOW IS IT ALREADY AUGUST?!? I famously despise summer, but I have to say I am enjoying this one and will be sad when it ends. #andthatsongrowth If you’re new to these parts, welcome to Philly Finds. This is a series where I highlight the things […]

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Before you continue, be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter here! You’ve heard of Philly’s best pizza, best hoagie, and best cheesesteak… But this summer, two girls are on a new mission… And you can join them. One of my best friends Tricia is famously the pickiest eater I know, with mozzarella sticks being […]

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Philly Finds Vol. 29 – it’s a THICC one

Like a golden birthday, is this my golden Philly Finds? This week’s Philly Finds is very Old City focused, with a sprinkling of music news. Later this week I’ll be checking out the new installation at Wonderspaces, and I have some other brand collabs in the works – coming soon! Finally, if you haven’t subscribed […]

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