Person of Interest: Mr. B and the Tribal Hoose

It’s time for another installation of Person of Interest, and in this case, a Band of Interest. We’re heading down South to Nashville’s Belmont University to chat with Mr. B & and the Tribal Hoose, a “live hip-hop band spreading love and happiness.” Seeing as this blog is called Positive Publicity, it makes perfect sense […]

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Person of Interest: Sola of Let’s Get Going

Look no further than to Sola Onitiri for all things fashion and street style in Philadelphia. She’s recently returned from covering another NYFW, and you need to check out her recap. You’ve seen her work here on Positive Publicity before when we did a shoot for her blog, and I’m so happy that she is the latest awesome person […]

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Person of Interest: Culinary Diva Kimmy Bartner

Instagram is a gold mind of pictures of culinary masterpieces, and you may have even stumbled across our latest Person Of Interest’s Instagram page. Meet Kimmy of Krispie Kreations, not only my friend and fellow sorority sister, but insanely talented culinary artist. Kimmy turns rice krispie treats into masterpieces, and has begun gaining a lot […]

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Person of Interest: Betty Who

Meet Betty Who, your new favorite pop queen. Her music has the ability to make you feel like you’ve gone back in time to an 80s dance party, while simultaneously will tugging at your heartstrings. This classically trained cellist from Australia is the next big thing in music, and I can’t get enough of her songs. I’m such a fan, that my photo […]

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Person of Interest: Marissa Hermer

Marissa Hermer is living the American dream in London. Sophisticated and stylish, Marissa was a standout cast member of Bravo’s hit show Ladies of London (and rumor has it we’ve gotten a season 2). If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you’ll know that Bravo and London are two themes often seen here on Positive […]

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Person of Interest from Across the Pond: Spooky Wagons

*Interview originally from October 2014* What do you get when four best friends decide to start up a band? Awesome music, and an even better interview. Meet Nathan Fitzpatrick, Allan Taemur, Terrance Hillman and Dan Duveen, and together they are Spooky Wagons. Their first EP, All Again Tomorrow, is now on iTunes. I caught up with this upcoming […]

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Person of Interest: Ashley Vargas

I’m excited to announce a new feature to Positive Publicity, “Person of Interest“, where we’ll be interviewing up-and-coming people in the music and fashion worlds. I’m also excited to introduce you to our very first Person of Interest: Ashley Linda Vargas,  creator and founder of fashion website ALV. I first met Ashley in college while she […]

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