Figuring out your niche? Or figuring out yourself?

Art by Hayley Sheldon “What’s your niche?” It’s a question that any writer is familiar with. Having a niche topic as an Internet writer makes you more easily discovered, helps you cultivate an engaged audience, and makes you more desirable to brands. There are many benefits of having a niche, and it is certainly important…… Continue reading Figuring out your niche? Or figuring out yourself?

Person of Interest & FemFocused Interviews

FemFocused: Sarah Ripoli, Founder of Angel Energy

As I’ve mentioned before, the Philly blogging community is I have been able to meet some amazing people through social media who are doing incredible things. One of those incredible people is Sarah Ripoli. Sarah recently founded Angel Energy, which aims to “inspire women to overcome obstacles in life by spreading optimism and positivity”. She is…… Continue reading FemFocused: Sarah Ripoli, Founder of Angel Energy


finding confidence in your work.

There was a time I was quite frankly embarrassed to say that I ran a “Philly lifestyle blog” when meeting new people. At the time it seemed silly; I felt childish promoting my lil blog. “Ugh, another wannabe ~influencer~,” I would imagine people were thinking when I mentioned Positive Publicity. This was my own insecurity…… Continue reading finding confidence in your work.

What's on Philadelphia

Philly Finds Vol. 11

The final glimpses of fall are upon us, friends. Anthropologie in Rittenhouse already hung up their holiday decorations a week after Halloween – let’s chilllllllll on that. I thought I’d sneak in one more Philly Finds post before the official start of the holiday season and the non-stop playing of Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.…… Continue reading Philly Finds Vol. 11