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FemFocused: Amanda Piccirilli-Hall of Ainsley’s Angels of America

Photo courtesy of Philly Magazine Positive Publicity readers, please welcome an especially special person to the blog. Introducing 2019’s Be Well Philly Health Hero Challenge Winner, Amanda Piccirilli-Hall. After months of hard work and thousands of votes, Amanda was awarded this title and gifted $15,000 from Philly Mag and Independence Blue Cross for the charity…… Continue reading FemFocused: Amanda Piccirilli-Hall of Ainsley’s Angels of America


finding confidence in your work.

There was a time I was quite frankly embarrassed to say that I ran a “Philly lifestyle blog” when meeting new people. At the time it seemed silly; I felt childish promoting my lil blog. “Ugh, another wannabe ~influencer~,” I would imagine people were thinking when I mentioned Positive Publicity. This was my own insecurity…… Continue reading finding confidence in your work.


On the comparison game.

** This is another contribution to the countless other articles and posts about comparisons. Anddddd right off the bat, I’m realizing I’m comparing my comparison blog post to other comparison blog posts *insert upside down smiley face emoji* ** I was at a recent therapy session, where I shared my innermost emotions of feeling “not…… Continue reading On the comparison game.