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Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett – Cheek to Cheek Tour

This post is dedicated to the Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga, King of Jazz, Tony Bennett, and is also about one of the most unique concert experiences I’ve ever had. Yes, I do talk, tweet, obsess over Lady Gaga quite a bit, but for good reason. She is one of the best singers and entertainers to…… Continue reading Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett – Cheek to Cheek Tour

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What Makes a Performance Great?

This post is for the theater-lovers, the concert-goers, but most of all, the performers. What is in a great performance? What exactly is it that brings tears to our eyes and chills down our spine when sitting in an audience, listening to a performer pour their heart into a song? What is it that, as a singer, you…… Continue reading What Makes a Performance Great?

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Person of Interest: Ellie Goulding

Prefacing this post by saying it wouldn’t be happening without my best friend Katie – Ellie Goulding for Katie is what Lady Gaga is for me. I’ve always liked Ellie but Katie took her to a new level for me. In her words, “She just seems so down to earth and so passionate about her music.”…… Continue reading Person of Interest: Ellie Goulding

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Explaining the Obsession: The Little Monster Effect

Most of you probably know this by now, but in case you didn’t: I *love* Lady Gaga. I hate to use to the word obsessed, because while I could probably tell you where she is, what she’s wearing, and who she’s with right now, I would like to think of my love for her as…… Continue reading Explaining the Obsession: The Little Monster Effect

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Brands the Won the Social Media Grammy

It seems that many brands are taking a note out of Oreo’s infamous Superbowl blackout tweet and are prepared to tweet should anything shocking happen during a big, televised event. If you are like me and are a live tweeter while watching award shows, this trend was evident during last night’s 56th annual Grammy Awards. It was…… Continue reading Brands the Won the Social Media Grammy