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How We Did Iceland in 4 Days

There’s a reason Iceland is a huge travel spot: for lack of a much better word, it’s amazing. One moment you’re driving between snow covered mountains, the next you’re in a field of lava rocks. It’s holds an incredible history, culture, landscape and so much more. My friends Emily, Lauren, Grace and Rebecca (not to…… Continue reading How We Did Iceland in 4 Days

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Fall in the Philadelphia Area

Put on that cozy knit sweater, button up that flannel, and sip on some mulled cider. Fall is here, and it’s time to celebrate. There’s something about this season that gives me that “fresh start” feeling, and I want to enjoy every second of it. I’m excited to plan out some fun fall trips and events,…… Continue reading Fall in the Philadelphia Area

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Firefly Music Festival 2014

Last month, I attended the best musical experience that I have ever had. Deep in the woodlands of Dover, Delaware, I enjoyed an unforgettable four-day experience of fun, friends and music at Firefly Music Festival. Firefly began three years ago and is quickly earning is reputation as the East coast’s premiere music experience. My friends and I…… Continue reading Firefly Music Festival 2014