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Person of Interest: Brian Walker of A Day Without Love

Welcome to the latest edition of Person of Interest! Today we’re showing some love to a Philadelphia-based musician. Meet Brian of A Day Without Love: Hi Brian, tell us a bit about yourself!   My name is Brian Walker, and I am the brainchild of the project A Day Without Love. I have had this project…… Continue reading Person of Interest: Brian Walker of A Day Without Love

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Upcoming Performance: Vocalist All-Stars Concert

Last summer, I competed in The Vocalist singing competition at the Media Theatre which, after many weeks of rehearsal, I am grateful to say I won. It was an incredible experience, and I was beyond grateful to have been able to sing on the Media Theatre stage for an entire summer alongside many talented people.…… Continue reading Upcoming Performance: Vocalist All-Stars Concert


100th Blog Post + Headbands of Hope Giveaway!

*Update 5/9/2016: The competition has closed, congrats to winner Ingrid of Smilingrid!* It took a little over three years, many edits, revisions, and a lot of love, but Positive Publicity has finally reached its 100th blog post! So to celebrate everyone who has followed along from post #1-#99, it’s time for my first giveaway with an organization I…… Continue reading 100th Blog Post + Headbands of Hope Giveaway!

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Sip-N-Glo Juicery

Let me start off by saying that I am definitely not the juicer or cleanser type…but Sip-N-Glo may have changed that all. After many times of walking past this shop, I finally started paying weekly visits, which eventually turned into daily visits. And I’m so happy to have found this place. Whether you’re looking for a drink that…… Continue reading Sip-N-Glo Juicery


Who Would Have Thought? An Ode to College Graduation

This is going to sounds so silly, but I feel ‘so college’ right now, as I’m writing this ‘end-of-my-college-career’ blog post outside of my sorority suite, laying on the grass enjoying a beautiful sunny day. I think you know what I mean when I say ‘so college’ – it’s one of those moments that almost…… Continue reading Who Would Have Thought? An Ode to College Graduation

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Studying Abroad? Check out my advice!

With many of my friends about to embark on their journey of studying abroad, I decided to post some advice from when I went abroad. Studying abroad was one of the greatest experiences of not only my college career, but of my entire life. I highly recommend doing it if you have the chance; who knows…… Continue reading Studying Abroad? Check out my advice!