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Not a bad one in the bunch – an interview with Bad Shapes

There are no bad shapes Formed in 2018, Bad Shapes is a Philadelphia-based DIY shoegaze/rock band, seeking always to create commonality between discomfort and discovery. The result is a cohesiveness found between heavily effected guitars that shimmer and surge over driving rhythmic foundations, modulated synths that bounce and bend, and found-audio samples carefully deployed both in…… Continue reading Not a bad one in the bunch – an interview with Bad Shapes

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“Floating Away” with Ash

The band’s new single “Floating Away” is out Friday, May 1st Meet Ash – a lively, seven-piece pop/R&B band from New York City. Meet Ash again – that is, the songwriter Ash McMillan, who was born in Northern England, and is now based in NYC. The band Ash was formed while all seven members were…… Continue reading “Floating Away” with Ash


A “Miracle” with Loud Forest

Love is a miracle… so don’t fuck this up Proclaims Loud Forest on their new single Miracle, which details codependency in relationships and the uncertainty of where the future leads. If you’re into CHVRCHES, you’ll be into Loud Forest. The band is comprised of husband-and-wife duo Bernard and Rachel Chadwick, and they have landed multiple…… Continue reading A “Miracle” with Loud Forest

Artist Interviews & Music · Person of Interest & FemFocused Interviews

FemFocused: Stone Cold Grace

Photo by @limestrawberry I recently met with Philly musician Stone Cold Grace (her “real” name is Sara) at Elixr. The name Stone Cold Grace is in reference to a Joni Mitchell (of whom she is a very big fan of) lyric from her song, “People’s Parties”. I immediately knew the girl with the guitar in…… Continue reading FemFocused: Stone Cold Grace

Artist Interviews & Music

FemFocused – Meg Short Music

I had the pleasure of chatting with singer/songwriter and full time student Meg Short, who recently released her debut album White Flag. Singer, songwriter, pianist – and also a trombonist, Meg truly does it all when it comes to her music. In today’s Person of Interest interview, we learn about Meg’s songwriting process, the inspiration…… Continue reading FemFocused – Meg Short Music