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Favorite Philly Music Venues

Philly is anĀ šŸ‘Ā INCREDIBLEĀ šŸ‘Ā city for music, it goes without saying. There is always a show you can catch of an awesome local band or of a big artist coming through town. And with such an array of fantastic musical talent in Philly, there are quite a few great venues to see a show. Today, my concert…… Continue reading Favorite Philly Music Venues

What's on Philadelphia

Philadelphia Punk Rock Flea Market

This morning, some pals and I checked out the Punk Rock Flea MarketĀ presented by Captains Village at the 23rd Street Armory! The Punk Rock Flea Market is an amazing place to shop for vintage clothing, records, art, and much more, and it’s also a great way to support local artists. This event takes place twice…… Continue reading Philadelphia Punk Rock Flea Market

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Peace, Love and the Philly Skyline

Philly, I just love ya. Especially when I walk through Rittenhouse and can enjoy the flowers finally blooming and all of the pups out to play now that spring is here. So with the Philly skyline behind me and the sun shining, I figured I’d share some Philadelphia-related things I’m really pumped for. I’m checking…… Continue reading Peace, Love and the Philly Skyline

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Links I’m Loving and What I’m Looking Forward to: November (+ Gift Guide Ideas!)

Hello and happy November! I hope you’re all having a relatively stress-free and enjoyable month before the holidays are here full force. By now, you’re probably getting ready for your Thanksgiving festivities and have begun your holiday shopping. It’s a busy time of the year, but also *in my opinion* the most fun and best…… Continue reading Links I’m Loving and What I’m Looking Forward to: November (+ Gift Guide Ideas!)