A Documentary About The Important Things

“We spend so much time on the hunt, but nothing ever quite does it for us. And we get so wrapped up in the hunt, that it kind of makes us miserable.” – Dan Harris

Ok, so maybe not the most uplifting words for my first blog post of 2017, but stick with me! First, before we really get into this post, I hope that everything is going well for you guys and that your holidays were great. I came home a little bit over a week ago from Los Angeles after cheering on my alma mater Penn State in the Rose Bowl – it was a heartbreaking loss, but one of the best trips I’ve ever had. My friends and I drove through the desert during our trip, which really inspired me to sit down and write this post. So let’s get into exactly what this particular post is all about…minimalism.

The quote above is from journalist and creator of 10% Happier Dan Harris, who is featured in a documentary I watched over the holiday break and the topic of this post: Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. When he says “the hunt,” he’s referring to our never ending quest for happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction and the methods we use to find these things. So much of our “hunt,” mine included, involves the accumulation of material things. It’s nice to have nice things, but how happy do they really make us? As we traveled through the vast, wide desert, these thoughts echoed in me.

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Driving through the Mojave Desert

Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things, presented and created by The Minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, explores a lifestyle of limited material items and living freely and unencumbered. Minimalists featured in the film describe how they were searching for happiness, and ultimately what led them to finding it. Check out the trailer:

It’s an excellent film which I really, really enjoyed. After watching, I spoke with other friends who watched the film and what their views on minimalism are. My friend Steph shared her words and views:

“Traditionally, minimalism is literally what the word means – minimizing ones’ intake and possessions. Every item someone has, serves a particular purpose and fills a certain need. For me, however, someone who finds it hard to not keep up with the latest fashion and tech trends, minimalism is simply valuing people over things. Placing my relationships first and never losing sight that the people in my life come before any possession or thing. An experience with my loved ones, good conversation, and presence will always be before material items in my life.”

The Minimalists share on their website the benefits of a minimalistic lifestyle.

“Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from worry. Freedom from overwhelm. Freedom from guilt. Freedom from depression. Freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around. Real freedom.”


Minimalism is currently on Netflix, and I encourage you to give it a watch. While I am not by any means a new-found minimalist, this film definitely made me look at how I live my life in a different way and consider positive changes I could make.

So with that, I’m aiming to eliminate the clutter and the unnecessary, whatever that may be, and to consume and devour less. Whether it’s removing unnecessary material items, spending less time on social media, or just consuming less in general, I’m open to making changes. I spent an afternoon purging my closet of clothes I no longer wore to donate – and yes, it felt really good.

I’m on a documentary binge right now, so please send along any suggestions!

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25 responses to “A Documentary About The Important Things”

  1. BeckyInABubble Avatar

    This sounds really interesting, I may have to give it a try! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Camille Avatar

      It’s a great movie, definitely check it out!

  2. Melanie S Avatar

    I haven’t seen it yet, but Minimalism is on my watch list!! We have been trying to embrace a more simplistic, free lifestyle and just spend some time out in the Nevada desert and can’t wait to continue learning more about really letting go to find more freedom!

    1. Camille Avatar

      Love it, that’s awesome Melanie! Definitely check this movie out, it will give you some great inspiration <3

  3. lifessimpleadventures Avatar

    I totally watched this the other day. It was great! less is better!

    1. Camille Avatar


  4. Mommyhoodandmentalhealth Avatar

    I started watching this a week or so ago, I haven’t been able to get back to it yet though. I love the idea of drastically minimizing all the junk I have around my house. I’m hoping it will inspire me!

    1. Camille Avatar

      Let me know if you get back to it! It’s a great source of inspiration!

  5. Jasmine Eclipse Avatar

    I love this! I don’t have Netflix, so I’ll have to find this elsewhere, but it does seem interesting to me! I’ve been somewhat of a minimalist simply because I don’t like clutter, but I feel like this documentary puts a stronger focus on what’s important in life, which is family and experiences and love.

  6. jasminekeclipse Avatar

    I love this! I don’t have Netflix, so I’ll have to find this elsewhere, but it does seem interesting to me! I’ve been somewhat of a minimalist simply because I don’t like clutter, but I feel like this documentary puts a stronger focus on what’s important in life, which is family and experiences and love.

    1. Camille Avatar

      Hi Jasmine! It looks like the film can also be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vimeo! It’s a great watch, I hope you get to watch it soon. And you’re totally right about what’s important in life <3

  7. Jen Smith Avatar

    I watched it too! I started Project 333 because of it. It’s going great!

    1. Camille Avatar

      That is awesome Jen! I loved learning about that project in the documentary. Was it hard to narrow down the clothes you picked?

  8. Strength and Sunshine Avatar

    O yes! This was on my list to watch right when they revealed it!

    1. Camille Avatar

      It’s so good!

  9. Ariana Gremling Avatar

    I’m so glad that this is on Netflix! I’ll have to check it out!

    1. Camille Avatar

      Definitely, it’s great!

  10. Mamaguru Avatar

    I love this clip. Minimalism is a really important movement right now. it goes hand in hand with mindfulness.

    1. Camille Avatar

      Exactly! Couldn’t agree more. It’s amazing what a clear, uncluttered environment does for the mind and your well-being.

  11. Momma To Go Avatar
    Momma To Go

    Oh wow my cousin was just talking about this and we couldn’t remember the name! Need to check that out!

    1. Camille Avatar

      Definitely check it out! <3

  12. Living Life Our Way Avatar

    I haven’t heard of this but I would definitely like to watch it! We try to minimise our amount of ‘stuff’ and I think I would find this interesting! Katie x

    1. Camille Avatar

      I think you’d really enjoy it Katie, def check it out! <3

  13. Krysten Avatar

    My best friend just watched this documentary and told me to watch it! I’m putting it on my list for the weekend!

    1. Camille Avatar

      Yes! Do it! Let me know what you think 🙂

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