Welcome, and thank you for checking out Positive Publicity! Positive Publicity brings together a little bit of everything we love in life – from music, to style, traveling and dining. Here, I share my travel experiences, band interviews, conversations with awesome people, and much more. Above everything else, Positive Publicity strives to inspire others to create, imagine, go after what they want in life, achieve their goals, and of course, be positive.

Based in Philadelphia, I work in the PR/marketing world, am a writer, occasional singer, intermittent concert photographer, Lady Gaga and Green Day fanatic, avid concert-goer and lover of homemade Italian food. When I started this blog in 2012, it began as a way for me to share my experiences while studying abroad in college, and my love for blogging grew into something more.

Why the name Positive Publicity? I majored in public relations in college (if you go back far enough, you’ll find some college-era posts), currently work in PR, and with my blog, I want to focus on things that promote positivity. Although positivity is a huge focus of this blog, we also dive into the not-so-fun stuff, too. Writing is my creative and emotional outlet, and I hope this collect of writings inspires you. Simply put – I write about anything and everything that interests me. So no matter what you’re looking for, I do hope that Positive Publicity helps you out in your quest.



Want to chat more? Let’s connect on Twitter and Instagram. I hope you enjoy checking out my little corner of the Internet and I look forward to chatting with you!


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Want to learn more or interested in collaborating? Fill out the form below or shoot me an email at camillemariemola@gmail.com and check out my working with me section.

Disclosure: My mission with Positive Publicity is to blog about things I feel passionately about, and I will never promote something I don’t believe will benefit my readers. I believe in transparency, and I will always disclose if I have been comped an item, a post is sponsored or if affiliate links are being used. Whether a post is sponsored or not, all opinions are my own. I kindly ask that you ask permission/credit me when using my photographs. 

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