Journey to to Stonehenge and Bath

This past weekend, I had the lovely opportunity to revisit two places I have already been to, Stonehenge and Bath. It was certainly worth going to see this historic sights again. We boarded a bus at the crack of dawn, and made our way to our first stop, Stonehenge.



I think these pictures speak for themselves. It’s mindblowing to see something in person you’ve only seen on TV or in books. It’s just unfathomable to think about how this was made. Many of these rocks actually came from Wales; I can’t even imagine how people brought literally tons and tons of rocks from such a far distance. It’s amazing, mysterious, and creepy all at the same time.

Next stop was Bath to explore the city and see the ancient Roman baths.

Don’t tell anyone, but we put our hands and feet into the water of the bath :0 It felt SO good, we all wanted to go swimming. Also while we were in Bath, we ate at the smallest pub in town called Coeur De Lion. I had probably the best burger that is yet to be found on this Earth, and I meant to tell the chef so, but forgot (whoops). So if you ever find yourself in Bath, have a bite to eat there and send my regards to the chef.

It’s nice getting out of the city when you have the chance, and enjoy the fresh air. There’s so much more to a country than just the big cities. We had a wonderful time exploring and going back in time.



The English countryside is stunning


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