New Rap EP You Can Sink Your Teeth Into – New Music Interview

Philadelphia-area rapper Malik LRB has just released his latest EP, with Boston area rapper The President, titled ‘Cheesesteaks and Roast Beef‘ – and yes, you read that correctly, Cheesesteaks and Roast Beef. Hungry yet?

Malik took some time to sit down with me to talk about music, his hometown and his new EP.

Image via Malik LRB

Malik, how are you feeling about the EP release? 

Good, everything’s going really well, this summer’s been great. The idea of Cheesesteaks and Roast Beef  came up after our (Malik LRB and The President’s) first single together Let’s Go. A lot of artists around us were putting out summer EPs, and I wanted to create something with more of a summer feel. When I put out my other singles, like Walls and Where’d You Go, they had more of a winter feeling. I wanted to create something that you can roll your windows down to and blast.

Explain the name Cheesesteaks and Roastbeef…

I’m from outside of Philly and The President’s from Boston. All of these other EP names are generic, and we wanted something that would catch people’s attention. It’s a lot about ourselves and where we’re from; there’s a lot of Philly pride, and a lot of Boston pride in this EP. Half of the EP was recorded in Philly, and the other half was in Boston. It’s a great representation of our friendship and  the work together we’ve made together. We even made a day of going into Philly and getting cheesesteaks.It really comes down to Philly and Boston, and that also comes across in the cover art.

How did you and The President come in contact?

The President has been doing music longer than me, and last summer when I started getting more into my music, I came across him on YouTube. We started talking and exchanging our videos. Soon we started talking about making our first single (We Are Young). The song was already done around the fall of 2012, but we released it about a year later. The first time we met though, it was like we’d known each other forever. Then we added FreshView Films into the mix; Miles Cable (of FreshView Films) came to Philly to shoot the music videos, and it was awesome. And everyone at Jotdown Entertainment (The President’s team) is awesome. I’ve gotten to know some really incredible people through this process.

When can we expect the videos to drop?

You can expect something before the end of July.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Thank you everyone for supporting us and for downloading the EP, there’s more to come. But most of all enjoy it. We love hearing from you guys, so please hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.

You can follow Malik on Twitter, and YouTube.

You can download the free EP here:

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