New York City Adventures

There is no shortage of amazing things to do in New York City. I loved living in NYC for that exact reason; you never know what your day is going to bring. I went on so many adventures this summer, and many of these things were very spur of the moment; you just have to know where to look. If you’re tired of doing checking out the usual tourist-y destinations or are new to the city, consider doing some of the things below.

1.) On Location Vacation. You’ll want to follow them on Twitter and check out their website. This website tells you anywhere in NYC where movies and television shows are being filmed. On our lunch break one day, a fellow Ad Council intern and Penn Stater Jenny and I checked OLV and saw that White Collar was filming right down the street from us. Naturally, we ran right down there. Some of the crew members were even nice enough to let us know what the star’s schedules were like so we could plan our day around seeing them. OLV is awesome.

I can’t remember if I found out about Andrew WK breaking a world record by drumming for 24 hours straight through OLV, but either way Twitter especially is your best friend when it comes to finding out these things.

IMG_1324 IMG_1352

2.) Movie Premieres – My first premiere in NYC was Grown Ups 2 and it was amazing. You can also find out about movie premieres through OLV, too. When I went to the premiere, I saw and met stars like Shaq, Aly and Aj Michalka, Jimmy Tatro, and Taylor Lautner. You will be standing around and waiting most of the time, but it’s totally worth it.


3.) If you’re in NYC in the summer, try to attend a free summer concert at either the Today Show or Good Morning America. My friend and fellow Penn Stater Maddie and I did this twice this summer, and it was fantastic. We were able to see both Demi Lovato and Ed Sheeran for free. Since you will wait in line a long time for this, and we mean a long time, we suggest trying to get priority passes online a week before the concert. They are not guaranteed, but they are worth trying to get.


4.) A great website I found this summer was MeetUp.com, which I highly recommend signing up for if you’re new to the city. It features exciting events people in the area are attending, and many of them are free. Through this website, I attended a cruise on the Hudson, and a fashion show in Times Square, which is pictured below.


5.) My favorite website of all is 1iota.com. I visited LA a few summers ago and was able to go to the Jimmy Kimmel Show through this website. And this summer, I went to the VMAs for free. I cried a majority of the award show, I was so excited. I cried when I touched One Direction and was hysterical when Lady Gaga performed. 1iota can get you tickets to late night talk shows, award shows and much more. It’s a lottery system, so tickets are not always guaranteed, but believe me it’s always worth trying.


6.) And it doesn’t hurt to have friends who work at exciting places, like my friend Jacqueline at America’s Got Talent. 


I hope this post helps and that you can have some exciting NYC adventures of your own!

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