An Ode to Irving’s at Penn State

Some people prefer Starbucks to sit down and write a paper or blog, others may prefer a local cafe. My choice place for getting some work done and enjoying a great meal is State College’s local eatery, Irving’s. And if you were wondering if I was writing this post at Irving’s, you’re correct. The delicious food, the welcoming atmosphere, and the unbeatable coffee makes Irving’s one of the most frequented and popular food destinations for Penn Staters. Alumni still cry years after graduation, craving an everything bagel and a vanilla latte from Irving’s. If you’re brave enough to look up the Irving’s geotag on Instagram when you’re miles away from the location, you’ll see picture after picture of mouth-watering sandwiches.


Clearly Irving’s is doing something right; whether it’s the colorful walls, the multiple outlets to charge your laptop for a long day of studying, or the delicious food, they’re doing something right. As I was enjoying a pizza bagel (YUM) and iced coffee with some of my friends one day, I decided to ask them why they come here almost every day of the week.

Tricia Day, a senior at Penn State University studying Special Education, is a frequent customer here. “I like the atmosphere, I think it’s a nice place to come with your friends, and the food is great.”

“The Baja Chicken Club is by far the best thing offered on the Irving’s menu, in my opinion,” claims Liz Johnson, a senior studying Elementary Education. I have to agree with her on this one, the Baja Chicken Club is pretty fantastic.

Megan Murphy is probably the biggest Irving’s fanatic I’ve ever encountered.”I come here at least five days a week, and I usually come here for breakfast,” said Megan, a Communications major.

And forget about thinking if Irving’s was ever to suddenly close its’ doors. The thought of Irving’s ever closing is almost too much to bear to think about for Sara Markisohn. “I wouldn’t know what to do. I don’t even know what to say.”

So as I sit here, drinking my second cup of iced coffee of the day and listening to The 1975, I can’t help but to prepare myself to miss Irving’s and the memories I’ve shared here when I graduate this May. Sure, maybe I’m being a little dramatic over this cafe, but it’s one of my favorite things about going to Penn State.

A favorite place or spot isn’t just a location; it kind of becomes an extension of yourself. Penn State is my place, and Irving’s is my little spot within this place. It’s going to be hard to leave it with just a month left. I think Liz put it best when she said, “it feels like home to me”.

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