A Love Letter to Bravo

Bravo, just bravo. In case that was confusing, I’m giving you, Bravo, a great, big bravo for just being you. Never has a network truly took everything I consider to be entertainment, and everything I love about pop culture and put it on camera.  Even when my dad catches me watching you and tells me to “turn that crap off,” I won’t because I LOVE YOU.

I can confidently say that The People’s Couch, a show filming people on their couches watching tv shows, is one of the only shows I’ve ever genuinely laughed out loud to. I’ve now perfected the Fredrik Eklund of MDLNY’s ‘weeee’ kick with coordination. I’ve walked into rooms and proclaimed “I’m Tabatha, and I’m taking over” without hesitation. And who hasn’t attempted their own impression of Rachel Zoe (#IDie)? All thanks to you Bravo.

I can only one day dream of being a Bravolebrity, but until then I’ll continue to watch the true stars of this network: The Real Housewives.

Thank you ladies for years of fights, tears, scandals, make-ups and break-ups. You’ve responded to my tweets (thank you Caroline and Kathy), you’ve inspired us all, and are the reason behind many SNL skits. My friends and I once had to gingerly tell our friend that Dina decided to sign off of RHONJ, fearful that she would go into a state of panic (she did). That’s how much we love you ladies. From the tag lines (“When people tell me I’m fake, I know they’re just pulling my leg” – Aviva) to episodes like “Scary Island” from RHONY and Allison DuBois’ medium spectacular from RHOBH, there’s never a shortage of strangeness and drama. Thank you for giving me moments like this…


Which turned into iconic moments like this…


Which then prompted my friends and I to go do this.


Thank you for my two favorite icons from RHONJ who are the true stars in their own right: Greg and Milania. Thank you for Greggy Bennett, because I’ve never had more respect for someone who lavishes their idol like the queen that they are (cc: Mariah). And also because him informing us via Twitter that Stassi Schroeder of Vanderpump Rules was once on the Amazing Race became the perfect conversation topic later that day. And for everything Milania Giudice ever says (click here).


Speaking of Vanerpump Rules, thank you for Lisa Vanderpump.


Without her style and grace, RHOBH would be much less fabulous and pink. Without her, we’d also be missing out on the best possible reality show about servers and struggling actors working at a Hollywood restaurant. And my Bravo-loving friend Katie and I probably wouldn’t have known about Villa Blanca and Sur without Lisa on RHOBH, and wouldn’t have had two amazing meals there (we live on the East Coast and made the journey to Cali), like we did below. Thanks Lis, love you girl. (Additional shout out to Pandora Vanderpump for being a fellow Delta Gamma sister.)


And can we just talk about the Real Housewives spin-offs? Ladies of London, life-changing. Caroline, Marissa, Julie, Juliet ..  I love them all. I need Season 2 ASAP. And Real Housewives of Melbourne, are you KIDDING me? Amazing television.

So you see Bravo, you’re not simply just a network. You bring people together and bond friendships for life. We gather every premiere together and argue about which housewife is our favorite, or debate if we should buy one of their singles (tbh I bought ‘Tardy for the Party’). So thanks for the mems Bravo, you’re a shining beacon of hope in our lives. So for those who understand where I’m coming from, let’s live tweet the premiere of the next Real Housewives season together, k?

So until next time …



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  1. Kamilah Avatar

    hahaha this is great!

    1. Camille Mola Avatar

      Thanks Kamilah!

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