How To Cope When Parks and Rec Ends

When we all came to realize that this is the final season of Parks & Rec, we pretty much felt like this:


And with yesterday, February 13th, being the historic and sacred holiday of Galentine’s Day, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to prepare ourselves for the inevitable end. You might experience a dark time post-P&R and feel like you’re as cheerful as April Ludgate, so we’ve prepared this comprehensive guide to help you cope.



Start out by going to your local diner and eating as many waffles as humanly possible


Or any other type of breakfast food for that matter, perfect comfort food for these difficult times

You can even buy Ron’s breakfast food’s poster here if you’re feeling extra sad.


And eating pizza always helps…


Listen to “5,000 Candles in the Wind”, along with Mouse Rat’s greatest hits, on repeat.

R.I.P. lil guy


Consider making your own Cones of Dunshire… it can’t be that hard, right? Definitely easier than making clay-mation.


If you have the ability to grow a mustache, you’ll probably having a strong urge to grow one now…


You might even want to head down to your local jazz club for a glimpse of your town’s own Duke Silver.


Obviously you’ll want to Treat. Yo. Self. it’s the easiest way to numb the pain. Maybe even listen to Ginuwine as you cry, never forgetting his and Donna’s cousinly bond.


You might even turn on your local access talk show, but you may fall into despair when you realized the host is no Joan Callamezzo.

It might actually help to create an alter ego, a la Burt Macklin to get your mind off of things for awhile.


You may actually consider running for a political office….


For those really dark moments, this compilation of Ron Swanson laughing should do the trick.

And if anything, spend some quality time with the Ann Perkins to your Leslie Knope while you watch rerun after rerun.


Goodbye Parks and Rec, we’ll miss you in the saddest fashion.


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