Person of Interest from Across the Pond: Spooky Wagons

*Interview originally from October 2014*


What do you get when four best friends decide to start up a band? Awesome music, and an even better interview. Meet Nathan Fitzpatrick, Allan Taemur, Terrance Hillman and Dan Duveen, and together they are Spooky Wagons. Their first EP, All Again Tomorrow, is now on iTunes. I caught up with this upcoming British band from Coventry, UK and spoke about music, their future goals, and what else, beer.

First things first, explain where you guys came up with the name Spooky Wagons.

Nathan: There’s an artist named Shakey Graves who we really admire, and there’s an interview of him where he explained how he got his name. The story goes he and his friends were around a campfire giving each other Native American names, and one of the names they gave was Spooky Wagons. We spent three weeks trying to figure out what our name would be, and Spooky Wagons just fit perfectly.

How did you guys meet and decide to start a band?

Terrance: I met Allan through a musical theater society at uni and we decided to get a house together. We needed a 3rd house mate, which is when Dan stepped in, and Nathan lived about four doors down from us. My New Year’s resolution that year was to give up alcohol, but that Nathan convinced me to drink that night, and thus, Spooky Wagons was born.

Nathan: During one of our shows at the theatre society, I played Bugsy Malone in a performance; I even had to do a New York accent. I was on the stage during a show, when I missed a step and fell during the performance. I got right back up, as if nothing had even happened and played it off well. That was my shining moment.

(Side note: Nathan has a pretty spectacular New York accent).

How would you describe your band?

Dan:  We’re quite a mixture of music.

Allan: There’s no set genre, it’s more of bits and pieces of what we like. Mumford and Sons, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, and Motown are our huge inspirations.

Dan: Let’s be honest, we are silly people. We try to be serious but we can’t be. We can’t even introduce a song because we start laughing. (See video below)

Which one of your songs is your favorite to play live?

Nathan: I think we can all agreed that it’s Keep My Heart. We played our first gig at a church, and there was a load of old people, and everyone began dancing when we played that song. It was exciting to see people dancing to the music we wrote.

Dan: I actually caught one of our friend’s singing along to Courage Shots one day while we were driving in the car. It was awesome to hear someone singing our lyrics.

My personal favorite

So what can we expect next from Spooky Wagons?

Nathan: We have just filmed two videos at my old uni. We filmed and acoustic version of Keep My Heart and a cover of Nobody’s Fault But Mine. We’ll be posting those soon!

Ok, time to be serious. If you were a beer, what kind of beer would you be and why?

Nathan: Guinness, because I’m dark and mysterious… and Irish.

Dan: Heineken, because I’m Dutch.

Allan: Coors Light, because I take your breath away.

Terrance: Blue Moon, because I’m fruity and smooth.

They even had a question for me: “Do people from Philadelphia really watch Always Sunny in Philadelphia”? Yes we do, Spooky Wagons, yes we do.

Thank you SW for an awesome interview, we’re excited to see what’s next in store for you guys!

You can follow Spooky Wagons on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram (@spookywagonsuk), and be sure check out their website. You can also find them on Soundcloud.

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*Images via Spooky Wagons*

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