Blogging Anniversary

When I logged into Positive Publicity this morning, I received a notification informing me that it was my three year anniversary blogging. Three years already??? Then Facebook also reminded me that three years ago today, I left to study abroad in London. These notifications immediately took me back to setting up my first blog as I prepared to study abroad as a very nervous, but excited, soon-to-be junior in college. After letting it sink in that life really does move quickly (whomp), I realized how glad I was that I started blogging so that I can relive memories and experiences, especially on days like this.

I was pretty terrible at this whole blogging this at first, and I’m still figuring it all out. When I started, I was posting on several different blogs I created: one for when I lived in London, one when I lived in NYC and one dedicated to solely to music. Eventually, I made the decision to combine them all into one blog – a tedious process, but so worth-it. That blog is what you have here today, Positive Publicity.

I started blogging for a several dCaptureifferent reasons. I wanted to document my abroad experiences, share funny moments, and serious ones, and connect with others. But above everything else, I truly wanted to help readers in any way I could; whether they were moving to a new city, starting a new internship or looking for inspiration. I never want anyone to feel alone or struggle through anything they’re going through.

Blogging is an amazingly creative outlet and if you’ve ever thought about starting your own, I highly encourage it. It has even help to create other opportunities, one being the opportunity to blog for other companies and websites.

A massive thank you to anyone happens across this little corner of the Internet. I love writing, I love connecting and I’m excited to keep posting.

Thank you again and happy blogging xx

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