Person of Interest: Marissa Hermer

Marissa Hermer is living the American dream in London. Sophisticated and stylish, Marissa was a standout cast member of Bravo’s hit show Ladies of London (and rumor has it we’ve gotten a season 2). If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you’ll know that Bravo and London are two themes often seen here on Positive Publicity. So naturally, I was hooked on Ladies on London when it premiered and Marissa became an instant favorite.

As if being a cast member of a hit show isn’t impressive enough, Marissa’s background is equally as incredible. This fabulous American was raised in California and is a public relations diva now living in London, so you could pretty much say she’s my idol. She has two beautiful children with her husband Matt, and together they run their family business, Ignite Group.

Marissa uses her public relations background for Ignite Group, which owns restaurants and nightclubs in London. Marissa also recently launched her newest project, Top Dog, a high-end hot dog restaurant inspired by the American treat. I’ll be making a trip to London this summer and would love to visit any of her restaurants, especially Bumpkin for a Sunday brunch.

What I like most about Marissa besides her work ethic and sense of style is her genuine personality. She’s the kind of girl you could see yourself having tea (or mimosas) with and spending the whole day laughing. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing her in season 2 of Ladies!

Follow Marissa on Twitter and Instagram for the latest in British fashion, food and all around fabulousity.

Header photo via Marissa Hermer’s website

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