Memorable Music: Adele

Once every so often, we come across a performance so beautiful, so chilling and so stunning we can’t help but to be moved. This is one of those performances. Adele’s iconic “Someone Like You” is one of those songs that tugs on the heart strings no matter how many times we’ve heard it. I tear up every time I watch this performance, not just because of the subject of the song, but because the actual performance is so moving. Adele first gives a poignant and funny speech how her heartbreak has changed her life forever. When the audience sings the chorus and their voices resonate throughout Royal Albert Hall, it’s absolutely breathtaking. The emotional icing on the cake is Adele’s honest and raw reaction at the end.

This is more than an artist giving a beautiful performance; as audience members and fans, we’re actually able to see her reaction when she realizes how much of an impact her song as made. We see a vulnerable, honest musician who, after heartbreak, came out the other end a champion. How amazing it must have been to be in that audience that night. I think I can speak for many of us when I saw we are looking forward to new Adele music.

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