Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett – Cheek to Cheek Tour

This post is dedicated to the Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga, King of Jazz, Tony Bennett, and is also about one of the most unique concert experiences I’ve ever had. Yes, I do talk, tweet, obsess over Lady Gaga quite a bit, but for good reason. She is one of the best singers and entertainers to ever grace us and this weekend, I was lucky enough to see her again in concert. I was reminded why I fell in love with Lady Gaga and why I love music, as I attended her and Tony Bennett’s Cheek to Cheek Tour in Atlantic City with my family.

It’s truly astounding watching Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga perform solo, but when they sing together, it’s pure magic. I simply could not fathom that I was watching these two legends on stage. The number of years between them makes no difference; music is timeless.

Gaga’s voice … I mean … where to start. I’m just going to let the product speak for itself:

Here’s a little snip I took of her singing Bang Bang in AC:

Each time Gaga stepped on stage in a new ensemble, the entire crowd gasped. From sequins, to feathers, to bows, true Gaga elegance was present. My personal favorite was the pink dress made my her sister Natali, which she wore during La Vie en Rose.

If anything, hearing this classic jazz standards made me truly appreciate music even more. This is what music is all about. No auto-tune, no gimmicks, no lip-syncing. It was pure, authentic and honest talent pouring out of their voices and out of the musicians instruments. As the Atlanta Journal Constitution blog said; “age and snap judgments are meaningless when genuine talent is involved.”

The Cheek to Cheek tour is about to end, so if you were able to see it, you’ve witnessed a historical musical combination. If you couldn’t go, I implore you to treat yourself and watch YouTube videos of the show!

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