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One weekend while in New York, friends and I were doing our usual Saturday afternoon ritual of searching online for the perfect location for our Sunday brunch. Bluestone Lane Café in the West Village was suggested, and while it looked like everything we could possibly want in a brunch, we opted for a spot closer to us. But a girl who loves brunch never forgets a restaurant with a potential great meal – I vowed to experience Bluestone Lane in NYC.

While doing my usual Instagram browse one day, I noticed my friend Instagrammed a picture of Bluestone Lane Café…in Philly. They recently opened a new location in Rittenhouse Square within the Warwick Hotel  *cue the choirs singing Hallelujah*. So one day, I ventured to do something that you can never go wrong with: brunch for dinner.



The design of the café is minimalistic, but still feels extremely cozy with colorful pillows and cushions. Their signature blue can be seen throughout the café, from the chairs, to the cups. Their menu is inspired by Australian coffee culture (read here to learn more about that), and you can easily see just how much pride they take in delivering you a premium cup of coffee. I ordered a flat white, along with an insanely awesome Avocado Smash, which I absolutely loved. I could see myself easily spending a great deal of time here.

Avocado Smash


coffee break ☕️

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This is their first venture outside of NYC, and I would imagine that it will be an absolute success here in Philly. The food, service and overall atmosphere created a wonderful experience, and exceeded my expectations. So whether you’re in search of a new brunch (or dinner spot), I highly suggest you check out Bluestone Lane Café.

You can also check out Bluestone Lane’s feature of this blog post on their website here!

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