Across the Pond with Visit London

I enter a lot of contests. And I mean a lot. Especially travel contests; wanderlust makes it impossible for me not to enter one. One time, I even wrote a song on the guitar for a contest that had a European prize, but alas, I didn’t win. Were my contest efforts simply in vain???

Well…it actually happened. I won a contest. This August (aka next month), I’ll be headed to London with my best friend Sam, courtesy of Visit London.

So how did the girl who never won a contest of this nature come to win a trip? The contest which Visit London ran, called “London Moments,” required contestants to create a Pinterest board containing pins of their ideal London moments – sights to see, foods to try, things along those lines. I loved this idea for a contest and had a fun time creating my board. I tried to make it like a “story board,” where each pin had a description of what I’d like to do and why. I wanted the entire board to flow as if I was telling a story from pin to pin, and it took a few days to complete. I honestly couldn’t believe it when I received the email that I had won! Here is my winning Pinterest board if you’d like to take a look – keep those social media skills sharp because you never know where they could take you!


Now you’re probably thinking “But Camille, you’ve already been to London, girl this isn’t fair.” London is a massive city, and there is so much of it to be explored. I love this city so, so much, it holds such a close place in my heart, and while I haven’t been everywhere in the world, I am confident London would still be my favorite place. With this trip, I want to come back with the best tips about making the most of your time in the Big Smoke if you ever find yourself across the pond.

So with that being said, I would LOVE to hear your tips about places off of the beaten path to visit or unusual restaurants to try. I already have a few places on my list to visit, including Royal Albert Hall, but any and all tips are welcomed!

I’m so excited to share this adventure with you guys next month, and I hope you’ll follow along. And don’t forget to follow Visit London on Instagram to get your daily dose of London love. Thank you so much Visit London for this incredible trip, I am so grateful ❤

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