How to Get There

I love following a good travel Instagram account; one that inspires you to book that next flight, get out of your comfort zone, and explore the world.

I’ll often come across insanely beautiful locations on social media, as many of us do, but would probably have no idea how to get to those places if I visited the country pictured. For example, photos of the stunning pink and purple houses in London always popped up on my Explore page, but I had no idea how I would find them – seeing them in London in person was pure luck.

Recently, I found out that my friend Mike created his own travel project titled How To Get There, where he curates on the best in travel pics. But this isn’t your average travel inspo account. Mike breaks down in each of his captions how to locate each place photographed by country, city, and best transportation options. You’ll find tips on the best times of the year to visit a destination, and the history behind each place. It’s the perfect account for whether you need help planning out your next trip, or just a little inspiration to get going.

Check out some of the best pics from HTGT, join the movement, and figure out “how to get there” for your next trip!





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