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In case I don’t post about my love for Lush enough, or even London, this post is a double whammy. And Lushies, this post is for you…today we’re checking out Lush on Oxford Street in London.

Ok before I get too out-of-hand, let me explain what makes this Lush so special. The Lush on Oxford Street is the largest Lush in the world, and is home to quite a few items (I think literally hundreds) that are exclusive to just this store. There is also a Lush Spa, and is three stories high. So yes, I was beyond excited to visit the store in person; I couldn’t be in London and not visit this store! When you start smelling that “Lush” scent from down the street, you know you’re close.

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Lush on Oxford Street

We walked in and this was the first thing we saw – people gathered round for a demonstration in a giant sink. As you might have guessed, I was in heaven.

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I didn’t know where to begin. The bubble bars? The shower creams? The shampoos?

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Bubble bars galore

We ventured upstairs where an awesome Lush employee demonstrated the Cyanide Pill for us in a sink, which is another Oxford Street exclusive. She then showed us an entire display of more Oxford Street exclusive products, and explained what each product was to us. I wish I knew her name so I could properly thank her – whoever you are, you made my day!

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One very cool product (which I regret not purchasing) are the wash sheets, pictured below. Basically they’re sheets of soap that you can tear apart to get clean. Very, very cool.

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Wash sheets

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It was like being a kid in a candy store, and I could have stayed their all day. If you want even more Oxford Street Lush, follow them on Instagram!  Fellow Lushies, I hope you get the chance to visit this beautiful, beautiful place one day. You won’t be disappointed <3

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4 responses to “Lush Oxford Street”

  1. Farrah Avatar

    I love and adore LUSH! <3 It's so hard to refrain from buying out the store every time I go! 😛

    1. Camille Avatar

      GIRL I relate so much! Everything there is amazing 😀

  2. Rachelle Avatar

    The colours are so fun and now I want a bubble bath, haha.

    1. Camille Avatar

      LOL couldn’t agree more!!

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