Revolution Radio: Green Day

So September was a really good concert month…like an insanely good concert month. From seeing Adele (twice!), Bruce Springsteen and Eric Hutchinson, my friends and I were living a music dream. It was made even more incredible by seeing my all-time favorite band, Green Day, twice in one week.

Green Day is back on tour with their new album Revolution Radio, their latest album release since their last albums around four years ago, and I was beyond excited to hear they were going back on tour. The other times I’ve seen Green Day were in larger venues, such as the Spectrum in Philly (RIP) and the venue now known as BB&T Pavilion. For their Revolution Radio tour, Green Day is playing in smaller, more intimate venues, which is EXTREMELY exciting. Tickets for this tour sold-out immediately – fans missed Green Day so much and there was no way this tour would be missed.

For the Philly leg of the tour, Green Day played at the Tower Theater, which holds a little over 3,000 people. My friend Val and I were right up there for the action for the sold-out show. You could sense just how ecstatic the crowd was that Green Day was back, and you knew the band felt that energy.


Tower Theater show
Tower Theater show

They played an incredible set with songs from Revolution Radio, American Idiot, Dookie, Kerplunk, and more (hearing “Christie Road” live was everything). It was at this show I said, “This is probably the most intimate I’ll ever see Green Day,” … and then the Rough Trade show happened.

Rough Trade in Brooklyn serves as an insanely awesome record store and music venue, which holds a little over 200 people. Green Day announced they were doing a show here on Monday, and it would definitely be the most intimate show most of us would ever see. They played the deepest of cuts, mostly from 39/Smooth, Kerplunk and Insomniac, from “Armatage Shanks,” to “Why Do You Want Him,” “I Was There,” and “Stuart and the Ave”. It was a DREAM set list, and between hearing old songs in such a small venue, it felt like we were transported back to their early days. 


Rough Trade show

No matter what type of venue they play, Green Day puts every ounce of energy and soul into their performance to make it unforgettable. At the Tower Theater show, a piece of the theater’s ceiling fell down almost on top of Mike Dirnt, to which Billie Joe Armstrong said, “Welcome to a Green Day show, where the ceiling literally comes down.” Yup, they figuratively and literally brought the house down. Between the music, the energy, the fans, and the whole atmosphere in general, there is nothing like a Green Day show. It’s hard to properly put into words what seeing your favorite band or artist live is like, but this past week was a dream come true. 

Green Day just announced more tour dates this morning, and tickets go on sale this Friday. Wishing you guys an awesome October, and that you see your music idols in concert soon.

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