Person of Interest: Mr. B and the Tribal Hoose

It’s time for another installation of Person of Interest, and in this case, a Band of Interest. We’re heading down South to Nashville’s Belmont University to chat with Mr. B & and the Tribal Hoose, a “live hip-hop band spreading love and happiness.” Seeing as this blog is called Positive Publicity, it makes perfect sense to speak with a band sharing positivity. I also have a personal connection to the band: my friend Rebecca’s brother Max, aka SaxMax, is the saxophone player. When she played my friend and I their music recently, I wanted to learn more about them. They are making some serious waves in Nashville right now, so let’s meet the band…

Photo by Ish Picturesque
Photo by Alexandra Cole Photography

Thanks guys, we’re excited to see what’s to come! Be sure to check out the band on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Soundcloud. 

3 responses to “Person of Interest: Mr. B and the Tribal Hoose”

  1. kitstanwood Avatar

    Nice interview! I love their silly outfits haha

    1. Camille Avatar

      Thank you! LOL I agree they’re great.

  2. Jason Profit Avatar

    It is good to see articles such as this so well written and presented.

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