Philadelphia Murals: Fishtown

Exploring and wandering through Philly neighborhoods is an adventure, each with its own unique history, cuisine and art – art which is meant to be shared and appreciated by all. You never know what masterpieces you might discover walking through the city. I did a post a while back featuring some of my favorite Philadelphia murals and where to find them around the city. So, I thought I’d do an updated post with some of my favorite murals in Fishtown! After all, there’s no place like Philly for murals.

This mural is done by one of my favorite artists, MOMO. You could stare at one of his geometric masterpieces for hours and continue to find something new. This beauty below can be found at 1832 Frankford Avenue, and you can see more Philly MOMO goodness on 18th and Market – trust me, it’s not hard to miss. In New York City for the day? It won’t be long if you step out of Penn Station until you see this MOMO stunner!

MOMO mural on Frankford Ave

This next piece of street art is unreal. Done by artist Henry Bermudez, it is an intricate, sunny, stunning mural, which you can find this on Circle Thrift on Frankford Ave.



If you’ve been by Rocket Cat Cafe recently, you’ve probably seen all of the construction currently happening. Hopefully you also had a glance at this mural by SWOON. This piece is one in a series which covers trauma and addiction (read more here). I took the photo below this summer, and I hope this mural isn’t affected by the current construction!


I love this next mural, because it’s right on the boarder of Fishtown and Kensington, and adjacent to another mural called “Welcome to the Neighborhood”  (or it’s a part of it, I’m not too sure!). Search for AC Auto Repairs to find it.


And finally, this post wouldn’t be complete without some Amberella hearts love, which can be found scattered throughout the city!

By Amberella

Alright Philly friends, which murals did I miss/are your favorite? Let me know!

Looking for more Philly fun? Check out Airbnb’s list of awesome Philly things to do!

Stay beautiful Philly, and happy mural hunting!

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 4.23.14 PM

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