Greenery at 1 Hotel & a Brooklyn Weekend

I love nothing more than a solid New York City weekend – one spent with friends, exploring, music and obviously eating lots of amazing food. I went to the Big Apple this past weekend and did all of that and more. But before I get into our adventures, I have to tell you about the hotel we stayed at. My awesome friend Grace, who has made an appearance on the blog before, invited me to stay with her at a brand new hotel which opened in Brooklyn last week.

Meet 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge:


1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Lobby


You couldn’t help but feel inspired when entering, as 1 Hotels uses sustainable, recycled, and reclaimed materials in their design. It’s truly a nature-lovers dreams, but anyone can appreciate this stunning building. Our room had a beautiful moss bed (realizing that sounds like the bed was made of moss, see photos below :p) and gorgeous natural light. From the lobby to our room, you really feel as if you’re immersed into nature.

Read more about their story here.

Moss bed…
… actual bed

As we were shown to our rooms, we were greeted by this beautiful, spiritual flower arrangement, which had been created a healer who blessed the hotel the day before.


From the terrace in our room, we had an incredible view of the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Sunrise for our room’s terrace


The service was amazing and the staff was incredible (thanks Ramon!)

Our weekend was completed with a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge (naturally) to Manhattan, a stop at Cha Cha Matcha, and a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert at Madison Square Garden with Grace, her mom Karen and her aunt Katie. It was my first time seeing RHCP live AND seeing a show at MSG. Pretty darn ideal.

Fully embracing a Brooklyn Bridge moment

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ALSO, I should mention that Travel Tips Tuesdays is starting back up! There are some fantastic bloggers contributing to this series, so stay tuned.

Have a great week guys!

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24 responses to “Greenery at 1 Hotel & a Brooklyn Weekend”

  1. Chanel van Reenen Avatar

    this post really has me missing NYC & Brooklyn! I went to college there and loved it! What a gorgeous hotel!

    1. Camille Avatar

      That must have been an incredible college experience!

  2. Strength and Sunshine Avatar

    O wow, what a beautiful hotel!

    1. Camille Avatar

      So stunning <3

  3. lovelyluckylife Avatar

    I <3 NY! That hotel looks amazing

    1. Camille Avatar

      It’s so beautiful! <3

  4. Momma To Go Avatar
    Momma To Go

    I live on Long Island and love that part of Brooklyn !! That hotel looks so amazing!!!

    1. Camille Avatar

      It’s such a great part of the city!

  5. Melanie Avatar

    What a beautiful hotel! I love their mission to use recycled and sustainable resources and all the gorgeous greenery! And that view?! Sign me up!!

    This post would be the perfect addition for this month’s travel link up I have over on my blog; feel free to join in on the fun 🙂 http://www.lifessweetwords.com/2017/02/traveltuesday-13-active-fun-on-allure.html

    Happy Thursday!

    1. Camille Avatar

      Thanks Melanie, happy Thursday to you too! <3

      It's so awesome to see hotels/other businesses taking the initiative to be so eco-friendly and conscious.

  6. Belle Avatar

    Such a beautiful hotel and it looks like you had a great time too!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    1. Camille Avatar

      Thanks Belle, we did indeed! <3

  7. ps98 Avatar

    What a great trip! Your photos are making me want to go to NYC again!!

    xo, Pri

    1. Camille Avatar

      I know the feeling, it’s always a good time! <3

  8. Dawn Avatar

    I was hooked looking at pictures of the hotel but the juice did me in. LOL. I would do the exact same thing. I’m definitely saving this article for later.

    1. Camille Avatar

      YES it was so good! Thanks Dawn <3

  9. Beth Avatar

    Being from NY and not in ATL I can close my eyes and imagine being there too. I love this post and your pictures have a certain feel of freedom in them. Beautiful.

    1. Camille Avatar

      Thank you so much Beth <3 <3

  10. twoboysonepup Avatar

    Looks amazing! I love all of the greenery, just gorgeous!

    1. Camille Avatar

      Agreed, so lush and green!

  11. Michelle Phang Avatar

    thats def the kind of hotel that we need in the hustle of such busy city! I feel like I can find my zen staying at that place 😀

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. Camille Avatar

      DEFINITELY! You’ll forget that you’re in a bustling city in that hotel.

  12. ngettis Avatar

    This is beautiful! I will definitely be checking out this hotel, my husband and I visit Brooklyn often and haven’t stayed here yet. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Camille Avatar

      Thank you, let me know what you think if you stay!! <3

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