Songs That Tell a Story

Who else listens to a song and creates the music video in their mind? Or creates a story behind the song? (I 100% also choreograph songs in my head, but that’s for another time and place…) I have my favorite songs, but then there are other songs that I can picture so vividly in my head, which I love listening to for that reason. We all do. We imagine the colors, the setting, the tone and story of pretty much every song we listen to, but there are some we connect to more than others. I wanted to share some of those songs today. I’ll post an embedded video of just the lyrics of the song and will provide the music video in a separate link. Listen to the song first before checking out the music video and try to imagine the music video in your mind.

Sometime Around Midnight – The Airborne Toxic Event 

This is my #1 “story” song. When I asked friends for their favorite “story” songs, this one constantly popped up. It’s easy to understand why: the lyrics are so descriptive, illustrative and heartbreaking. I remember when I first saw the music video, it was nothing like the image I painted in my head, as I imagine the entire scene taking place in a bar (as the lyrics suggest). It just shows how differently music can be interpreted.

Keane – Somewhere Only We Know 

The music video is similar to what I imagined it would be, only with more images of nature. I picture people, perhaps childhood friends, running into the woods, trying to escape every day life and looking for a simpler existence among nature. Side note: I really miss Keane!

I Still Remember – Bloc Party 

Another excellent song. When I hear this song, I picture two kids who have just skipped class to run around a city – London specifically (they’re an English band, c’mon) – and fell in love. Check out the music video after you give the song a listen.

Runaways – The Killers 

This song always gives me a Springsteen-storytelling vibe. I picture two lost lovers in three different stages of their lives. If I had to direct the music video, it would involve the desert, a convertible, and a long, empty hallway in a desolate house. Actual music video here. Side note: If The Killers are coming to a town near you, go and see them. They are excellent live.

Honorable mentions: Oblivion – Bastille and Marry the Night- Lady Gaga.

Here’s what my friends “story” songs are:

Brian of A Day Without Love songs include: Anchor – Into It. Over It.; Stop This Train – John Mayer; Sparks – Coldplay; The Only Exception – Paramore.

Kerry: Konstantine – Something Corporate; The Middle – Jimmy Eat World; The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Script; Alive With the Glory of Love – Say Anything (Kerry is my #1 music pal, and she’s also created the most unreal and amazing “Storytelling” playlist).

Shane: Strawberry Swing – Coldplay

There are SO many songs out there, and these are songs that immediately came to mind, so I’ll probably continue updating this post with other songs I can think of. So I would love to know – what songs do you paint a picture to?

Thanks for checking this post out guys. Music is awesome.

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  1. From Taji, With Love Avatar

    Great list! I absolutely do the same thing of creating music videos and choreography in my head to my favorite songs. I was just discussing this on my blog! It just goes to show the power of music!

    1. Camille Avatar

      Thanks Taji! I just checked out your playlist – oh my gosh, it’s amazing. <3

  2. Corsica Nambiar Avatar

    Awesome these songs impact you! I love being able to dive into music that does tell a story! I’ve been into Cody Simpson’s Free lately it’s really good!

    1. Camille Avatar

      I’ll have to check that song out, thanks Corsica! 🙂

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