That Fall Feeling


In my previous post I briefly mentioned changes in the weather, and that change is a-comin’ folks. Call me presumptuous, call me overzealous, call me the oh-so-dreaded “basic” (insert sarcasm), but let the leaves fall, let the cider flow, let the bonfires blaze – ok wow I need to stop – but fall is almost here.

I know, it may be a tad too early to mention fall as we still have a few more weeks of summer, but I can’t help myself. So with that being said, here are some of my favorite ways to get into that fall feeling.

For starters, I love to “fall-ify” my room, wardrobe and pretty much entire life. Scarves, boots/booties, beanies and sweaters are all obvious, very cozy, wardrobe additions. I love all things brown, neutral, burgundy, burnt-orange and black for autumn style. As for fall decor, pumpkins, leafy items and candles are all great additions to any space. There are also some awesome “Hello Fall” decor pieces on Etsy. If you want even more home decor ideas, here are some of my tips on how to make your home as cozy it can be.


Witches’ Brew Candle

I’m all about seasonal scents and I’m eyeing up to buy Witches’ Brew, Autumn Leaves and Apple Cider scented candles. This hot cider scented candle from Terrain is also one of my favorites, plus you can use the mug when the candle is gone for your favorite cold-weather beverage.

Autumn wardrobe inspo – image found on Pinterest


You’re of course going to want to plan out some fall activities. My Fall in Philadelphia post from last year will definitely give you all of the fall feels. Visit Philly also has their list of things to check out in Philly this September, with some fall-related events.

For you other East coasters who’ve got the travel bug, Condé Nast Traveler put together a list of the best road trips on the East Coast and the Travel Channel has a list of awesome foliage road trips. Might I add my own suggestion to that list?

Add some fall inspo to your Insta feed by following Autumn I Love, Haunting Autumn, Seasonal Sprinkle and We Heart Autumn on Instagram. A quick “autumn aesthetic” Pinterest search will also get you into the spirit.


Maybe you’re ready to jump straight into the Halloween celebrations – well I’m right there with ya. Let’s get into the spooky, creepy and scary…

Seasons 2 and 3 of American Horror Story are my absolute favorite seasons of the show (I do love Hotel too, because well, Gaga), and I’m hoping to re-watch at least one season. I also have been obsessed with Harmony Nice’s YouTube channel recently, and she has plenty of paranormal story time videos to get you officially spooked. And I can’t get through a fall/Halloween-themed post without mentioning the greatest cinematic masterpiece there ever was – Hocus Pocus.

It goes without saying that you don’t need to buy a ton of stuff to feel fully immersed in the spirit; just a walk in the fall foliage will definitely do the trick! What do you look most forward to in the fall and how do you celebrate?

Happy fall all! ❤

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 4.23.14 PM

14 thoughts on “That Fall Feeling

  1. Girl, I’ve been sad thinking about summer leaving but you have me pumped for Fall! May need to break out my boots tonight!

  2. I feel basic with my love of fall too, but haters gonna hate, right? 😉 I love all your fall picks! I have my pumpkin candle lit right now while I’m working at my computer!

  3. I so feel you about the Fall. All of the things you mentioned in the beginning of your post are all things I WISH I could do. They might be basic but who cares. None of my friends are interested in those type of things so I have never found anyone to participate in those activities with 😦 However, bring on the fall.

  4. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! There is something very special about the change of season. I also am watching the newest season of AHS. I would suggest you watch it seeing as you are into the whole -murder- thing! It is perfect for the Halloween season.

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