Person of Interest: Brian Walker of A Day Without Love

Welcome to the latest edition of Person of Interest! Today we’re showing some love to a Philadelphia-based musician. Meet Brian of A Day Without Love:

Photo by Brianna Spause at Underground Arts 
  • Hi Brian, tell us a bit about yourself!  
    • My name is Brian Walker, and I am the brainchild of the project A Day Without Love. I have had this project for about 4 years now and also dabbled with it in college. I travel across the U.S. ( primarily New England and Northeast Mid-Atlantic) to sing about the human condition and what it means to rise above your own personal struggles.
  • How would you describe your sound and yourself as an artist? Which musical artists do you admire?
    • I would say that I am a hybrid between punk, folk and alternative rock and I use elements from all of those subsets of rock to formulate my own sound. Some of my influences include Foo Fighters, Bright Eyes, Radiohead, Circa Survive, Kevin Devine and Brand New.
Photo by Nathan Allebach
  • You and I both went to Penn State University (WE ARE). Were you involved within the Penn State music scene? If so, what was that like?  
    • Yes, I was the founder and president of the Penn State Songwriters Club. I started the club so that student musicians and songwriters could collaborate to cultivate their own music scene. I wanted students to be seen by their own peers in social settings, give back to their communities via fundraising and collaborate in creative projects. At first, it was stressful but seeing that I started the club in 2009 and now it is 2017, and the club is still kicking, I feel pretty proud of myself to know that something I envisioned is still working. If I remember correctly, we first met when I was a judge for a Penn State vocal competition and I was pretty blown away by your performance (thanks Brian!).
  • What are your other interests and passions?
    • I have grown an interest in photography ( I recently was robbed, but I did a lot of head shots, event photos, food photos and outdoor photos and was on the verge of starting a portfolio). I also have a passion for trying foods of various ethnicities and cultures, and have gained this interest from not drinking and from touring all over which has been great. I also have been working on losing a lot of weight and fitness and exercise has become a new passion of mine. I also love to write and blog about current events and trends in the business world and in politics. So I guess those are my four primary interests and passions and I somehow manage to still tie music under all of those interests.
IMG_8453 as Smart Object-1
Photo by Angelo Damico 
  • Within your music career, what is the one thing that you are most proud of?
    • Someway somehow I have all managed to do all of this while not owning a car and for most of my time as a musician I still have been able to manage having a 9-5 full-time job.
  • What can we expect from you next?
    • I just finished a live recording record called Diary, which I will be releasing in March. I am going to be rebranding my logo and am getting new merch soon. My next record will be about finding my own body positivity as a male in a body shaming society. Once I finally get a car, I plan on doing some more coastal tours. And I am currently recruiting for a music video focused on relationships; the casting call can be seen on my Facebook page.

Thanks Brian! Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and listen to his music on Spotify, YouTube and Bandcamp.

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